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Feb 18, 2007 06:32 PM

South Miami Recs?

Hi everyone! I'll be in Miami for 3 days and I'm looking for some good places to eat. A good cuban place would be great and any other suggetions too. I'll be staying at the best western on 5959 SW 71st Street. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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  1. A lot of decent restaurants in walking distance. Larios has decent Cuban. Cafe Pastis is excellent Bistro French in a small space. Several good Japanese, I like Miyako best. Manara has good middle eastern as does Khouris. Just walk down Sunset ( 72 St.) and the surrounding few blocks. Probably the closet to a "chow" experience is Cafe Pastis.

    1. In addition to all the places Sinicle mentioned, Pizzeria Blu is great! Town is new and nice looking. Fox's Sherron Inn is not too far and has a cool lounge vibe and old fashioned food!.

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        I came in to mention Fox's. It's the coolest bar in Miami -- you'll think you are inside a Tom Waits song! Great jukebox, dark and atmospheric, and terrific bar food.

      2. The Farmer's Market makes great sammie's by day. Deli Lane has good cafe food and breakfasts. Miami's Best is good Pizza for Miami. Moon Thai is pretty good too. Try to head to Jaguar in Coconut Grove.

        1. Captain's Tavern used to be a favorite of mine for fish when I lived closer.