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Feb 18, 2007 05:16 PM

Greek Festival?

I'm from the East Coast, and March signals the start of Greek Festival season for me.
Anything around the Bay I can check out?

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  1. Seems to me I recall the Greek Orthodox church in the Oakland Hills having a Greek festival. Maybe some of the East Bay hounds can help on this.

    1. The one in the Oakland Hills is usually held in May.

      1. There's a great one in San Jose at Saint Nicholas Church on Davis Ave, usually early June, check their website closer to June,

        1. The Oakland Greek Festival will be May 18-20 this year. It's generally small, but the food is great. Here's where you can find information:

          There's also a Greek festival held in Belmont in September, but I've never been to it.

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            Never seemed small to me. There are so many people that they have a shuttle bus from satellite parking lots. There are often long lines for the food (though they tend to move fast).

          2. Hello,
            The Macedonia park bbq on Greek Easter day is fabulous! It's just south of Calistoga, on the Silverado trail, don't know the exact address. Lots of lambs going around on spits, dancing and drinking,etc.