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Feb 18, 2007 05:04 PM

A good steak in San Leandro/Castro Valley area?

Does it exist?

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    1. There is a western style restaurant in the Castro Village shopping center - can't remember its name but about the only thing there that meets the description and it has a pretty good beef selection and some good cheaper smaller cuts - classic old American dining - just food, and lots of it, but I recall the petite steak being tender and tasty. I always go back when I am there. It is on Castro Valley Blvd. Then top it off at Loards for mocha chip icecream - they have been there forever in the Village.

      1. Seconding the suggestion of Paradiso. They generally have steaks and also grilled pork loin, and many other things. Worth a detour even, it's a bit of a destination restaurant tucked away in a quiet neighborhood of San Leandro.