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Feb 18, 2007 04:47 PM

Manju in Toronto

Hi, I am new to this board and new to Buffalo, NY. I am search of a store in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario or Buffalo, NY that might sell imported manju cakes from Japan. My wife is Japanese and we both love the foods. Manju seems hard to come by in North America. I have seen mochi, but, I prefer the cake ones filled with manju. We plan to visit Toronto this next year and know there is a J-town there. Curious about what we might find before we travel there for fun. Thanks for any tips or help.

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  1. I don't think Toronto has a J-town... and I don't know about manju cakes - but Sanko is a Japanese grocery store on Queen West (also around lots of other good shopping and restaurant-ing). Mr. Rabbit is of Japanese descent and he always has fun digging about at Sanko.

    You can reach them at www.toronto-sanko.com

    1. We have a j-town!
      It's actually a little collection of stores in this one building, but it's called J-Town.
      It's on Steeles just east of Woodbine Avenue.
      I haven't been in a long time actually, so I'm not sure if they'll have what you're looking for but they did have a little bakery inside.
      Otherwise, I'm thinking that T&T Supermarket might have what you're looking for, only cuz it seems that they carry sooo many different types of foods.

      1. http://www.japantown.ca/ -- here is the link to Toronto's J-Town: it's actually in the north part of Toronto. You can't actually see it from the street (Steeles Ave) bc it's tucked away BEHIND the buildings in the foreground - ignore the reference to Buffet City on the website - that resto has long closed and is now Thee Asian Kitchen. J-TOwn carries all things japanese, including manju but the bakery may sell out of them quickly so i'd get there early. their sushi is fresh, and they also have various other foods made fresh daily (tonkatsu, udon, tempuras, curry, etc.)

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          forgot to add: i personally haven't seen the japanese style manju at the T&T or other chinese supermarkets....i do see them quite often at the korean supermarkets though: I have seen them at Galleria Supermarket (http://www.galleriasm.com/), Canaan Bakery (on Spring Garden & Yonge), as well as other PAT markets throughout Toronto. Sometimes, they are also sold at the walnut cake shops (hodokwaja).

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            Fantastic - I had no idea Japantown was out there (probably because I limit myself by thinking that the city ends at Lawrence).

            Thanks for setting me straight - looking forward to visiting soon...

          2. Just a quick update from me, the original poster. Thanks for the input from everyone. We made it up to Toronto last weekend. We went to J-town, T&T and the Galleria grovery stores. All nice with different things to offer. Out of those, J-town market had the type of non-red bean manju I was seeking. The ones with a cake type outside instead of the mochi. They were in the refrigerated section. I think T&T had the mochi variety of these.