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Feb 18, 2007 04:44 PM

Best Chinese Delivery nr Glen Park


Any recommendations for good delivered Chinese Food to Glen Park?



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  1. Jasmine Tea House
    3253 Mission St.
    S.F., CA

    They have a home delivery/takeout special something like: buy two entrees, get a free order of noodles. Be sure to mention this when you call. We always get the Shanghai.

    This place was famous as a fave of Bill Clinton's when he used to come out to see his daughter at Stanford. Oddly enough, the takeout fare is better than when you dine in (based on one dining in experience and many, many delivered orders).

    1. My go-to places are:

      Yum Yum House
      581 Valencia (at 17th)

      Wild Pepper
      3601 26th St. (near Valencia)

      Neither are perfect, but quite competent. Most of the time, the delivery is quite speedy, in my experience. Both places have free fried rice or chow mein with the order of 2 entrees. My husband always wants the pork fried rice (he needs leftovers to take to work, so it's his call), and Wild Pepper's fried rice is definitely the better of the two.

      1. Tao Yin has decent Chinese AND Japanese, including very acceptable sushi. I would say their Chinese is a moderate cut above the general horrible delivery quality in the Mission. They are near Mission and 20 something and have a second location - sorry, I don't know where. But I think the loc. I gave you would qualify for the Glen Park delivery. Some people have said the Big Lantern on 16th. & Valencia is good, but I haven't had their delivery. I have eaten there though. I really liked their har gow (they have some dim sum) but I did not like their pot stickers - tough/doughy.

        1. If you're close enough to pick food up, Hong Sing, on Diamond has great Take Out.

          I prefer their dishes to order than their hot tray food. I really like their potstickers, chicken drumettes, and egg rolls if they are fresh.

          For delivery, I too like Jasmine....

          1. The only non-Americanized Chinese food is the two places on Monterey, Dragon River and the bbq place across the street, whose name I never remember.

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              I think that you mean Lucky River at 700 Monterey (415-587-1826). The other place is Happy Palace at 696 Monterey (415-585-1300)