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Feb 18, 2007 04:26 PM

four nights... need some more advice

ok I have researched all of the restaurants previusly given me under best eats in Montreal.. I can see from the menus I need to perhaps narrow it down. We only have four nights..coming from San looking for some incredible new design(I design restaurants) and also a lovely ambience..romance!!. if there is something without ambience..that could be lunch!! Your food is very different! Sorry I dont eat seafood at all..but my husband does(Ferreira? they have no website..but mention alot of fish)..I am more of a steak girl.. this pigs knuckles..feet etc.. scares me a bit!!!! Pied de Cochon sounds like a good possibility...I just need some simple options in the menu too.Toque I dont think I can do...

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  1. For good food and interesting design, as I said in an earlier thread, there's Decca77 and Bronte downtown. Some one else mentioned Club Chasse et Peche in Old Montreal.

    No need to be scared of the food at Au Pied. It's very rich and comforting. Plus they have steak: venison or bison. While you're there, check out the light fixtures. They are made from toilet plungers!

    Ferreira does have a website. Here's the link:

    The pictures are in order CC&P, Bronte, Decca77.

    1. decca 77 doesn't quite do simple food well unless your tastes are similar to a five-year-olds. As a vegetarian i have been served penne in tomato sauce on two occasions there and will never go back, but yes, the restaurant design is interesting. i love Bronte for food, service and design. Chez L'Epicier in Old Montreal is a favourite, design is more funky, a grocery store theme and i love the plate design and presentation. High end restaurants that combine interesting design and good food are Queue de Cheval (steak house $$$$$) and Garcon (downtown on Sherbrooke St.) as well as Le Latini. Milos (on Park Ave) is known for fresh fish and no expenses spared restrooms (go figure). Enjoy your visit.

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        You might add Europea on rue de la Montagne. An interesting, varied menu and they have a somewhat unusual layout of the seating to take advantage of their small, rather strangely configured space. Nice decor and plates. Overall the ambience is comfortable. My companion and I very much enjoyed our one dinner there.

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          I used to eat at Queue de Cheval back in the 90s when I had more money than sense. Yes it's an interesting space if overwhelming, opulent and macho are your ideas of interesting. You are correct that it is $$$$$. The markup on the wine classifies as robbery. These days I figure there are more interesting things to eat in Montreal than a steak.

          1. re: rcianci

            Would you know if 40 Westt Steakhouse in the West Island also has very very high wine markups? 40 Westt is sort of the sister restaurant to Queue de Cheval(used to be part of the same restaurant group, but it's still owned by the same family). Recently I saw the wine sommelier of 40 Westt, give tips on television(can't remember which television program) for the best affordable wines to get from the SAQ.

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              Afraid not, as I've never been to 40 Westt. They opened after I stopped doing steakhouses in Montreal.

        2. I don't know if chinese food is in your plans but the best food i ever had in montreal was several years ago in china town at a restaurant with alot of french speaking locals was le pavillon nanpic. What a wonderful meal. we loved it so much we ate there 3 out of 4 nights we stayed there. do any locals know if it is still open? it is located at 75 A Lagauchetiere West. If you get a chance to go, please do.