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Best LA Area Burgers?

What do you think are the best LA Area burgers? I'm always on the hunt for a new place to try, but here's my list so far, although in no particular order:

In and Out
Pie N Burger
Apple Pan
Father's Office

I'd have to say that my favorites are Fatburger and Pie N Burger.

Not been to but eventually going to try:
Buffalo Burger at Josie's
Astro Burger
The Counter

Any thoughts on which are the best and which are overrated?

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  1. Here is a nice thread on a burger place that well may measure up to your burger desires:


    1. There is an old fashioned diner that serves delicious burgers at great prices. The Hamburger steak plate with mushrooms and gravy is awesome!

      Rae's Restaurant
      2901 Pico Blvd.
      Santa Monica, 90405

        1. re: Arthur

          You just couldn't resist to bite... ;>

        2. An aditional recent thread on some of the higher end burger places that have sprung up in the Hollywood area such as 25 Degrees and Lucky Devils, et al.


          1. Houston's is a good higher-end burger but VERY expensive, and beware they put mustard on it without a warning on the menu, in my experience.

            My very favorite thick burger on the Westside is at Philly West, a divy bar on Westwood just south of Santa Monica Blvd. Better known for their fine cheesesteaks, the burger is a fire-grilled oblong charred masterpiece served with grilled onions and the usual toppings on the same roll as the cheesesteaks. Fantastic, and only around $5. Beware, however -- the fries are mediocre and the service during the day can be spotty.

            1. The Grill in BH has a Kobe steak burger. Out of this world. You will need to use your home equity line of credit to pay for it, however. Get it with the onion strings.

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                Speaking of a Kobe burger, the one at the Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks comes with St. Agur bleu cheese, aged cheddar, and all kinds of other ingredients, and, when served rare/medium rare, takes second to none. A friend finds it his reason to go there, not for the ribs or the chicken, but for the burger!

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                  Anyone had the Kobe burger at BOA?

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                    sounds good and very heavy near tried it though. wish it were open for lunch.

                    anything new on the menu, haven't been in quite a while. still remember the first time i had the venison special great stuff.

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                    If you're ever in Vegas, Bradley Odgen's at Caesar's Palace has the best burger I've ever eaten - Kobe beef and rib-eye trimmings, with gruyere cheese, lettuce and pickles. It's $19 and the best bargain in Vegas.

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                      how much is the kobe burger? over 25 bucks, what's with it? cheese foie grast mixture or what/ thanks.

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                        I haven't personally had it, but I understand that Cheesecake Factory (of all places) has a surprisingly good Kobe/Wagyu burger for about $10 bucks. I've seen several extremely positive Chowhound posts about it.

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                          it is good, i think it's about 12.50, sort of eats like a patty melt without the cheese there's lots of onions and mushrooms on this one. far far far superior to the other burgers on the cheesecake factory menu.

                      2. Try the Helman Burger at Pete's Cafe in downtown. Good prime Angus beef, with Fontina cheese and tomato aoli.

                        Also, at lunchtime make sure to try the Sirloin Burger at Arnie Morton's. Made with prime sirloin ... 'nuff said.

                        And an often overlooked place for a burger is the Pantry Cafe in downtown. Get the Pantry Burger with the sesame bun - avoid the sourdough bread option.

                        Lastly, consider the burger at Redwood Bar & Grill, which comes with a steak knife pierced through the middle to hold it all together. Sometimes I find the brioche bread a bit much, but the sweet potato fries are a can't miss.

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                          don't forget to order the bleu cheese fries to go with the hellman burger at pete's!

                          1. re: wilafur

                            Those blue cheese fries are one man's greatest inventions! Though, I'm wondering if it's worth it to try their other flavored fries? They have garlic/herb, cheddar/bacon, chipotle, and I think one other flavor.


                        2. Cassell's in Koreatown for me...also Farmer Boys

                          1. If you want to venture north to Santa Barbara check out the Paradise Cafe. It has the best burgers in the area. You can order them medium and they come all juicy with some pink and they're grilled over oak, which gives them an amazing flavor. All of my burger-loving friends agree: this is the best burger around.

                            1. I second the B&R suggestion (see thread above). The atmosphere is plain, but very comfortable. They make one of the most honest, delicious, burgers in Los Angeles. What an amazing hamburger. Very nice people too.

                              I can't recommend 25ยบ however. We gave it a try over the weekend and had a very poor experience start to finish (parking, service, & food).

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                                Bingo. B and R is also half the price of many of the pretenders.

                              2. I'm surprised no one mentioned KINGS on Reseda, between Prairie and Plummer. Some of the best burgers in town.

                                1. Every week when someone starts this same thread again, I'm going to just post my stock remark...

                                  It's not as great as it once was but in the areas I travel, I can't find a better burger than Cassell's.

                                  Please note that I'm one of those people who wants the place to give me a great, naked burger on a bun and let me dress it the way I want it dressed. I don't want someone else telling me what should be on my hamburger. Cassell's gives you a great burger and then it's up to you to make it greater.

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                                    You can measure time based on the burger, pizza, bagel and cheesesteak posts. When will CH finally get that Local Wiki feature up?

                                    That being said, I don't mind it so much. Sure it reduces the signal-to-noise ratio for those actually looking for answers, but for the responders, I think it's worthwhile to renew the debate if only because tastes (and the restaurants themselves) change.

                                    My stock answers:
                                    Old school burger: Pie N Burger
                                    Gourmet burger: Father's Office

                                    1. re: Hackenbush

                                      I wish I could second that thought, but I found Cassell's burger to be totally underwhelming. Am I missing something? I know people love Cassell's, but the burger itself was nothing special.

                                    2. For the value, I think the burger at McCormick and Schmick's happy hour is hard to beat.

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                                        True, but it varies from okay to pretty darned dry.

                                      2. I'm surprised no one mentioned Carneys up on Sunset. I haven't been there in a long time (and frankly, don't even know if it still exists), but their half pound (or double half pound if you asked), was always juicy and they would cook it any way you want (I prefer medium rare). Also, while it is a chain, Fuddruckers can have a good burger, especially since they office other meat options, like buffalo.

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                                          Carneys definitely still exists. The burger is good enough, but Carney's chili cheese fries are the real stars of the show.

                                        2. Tommy's. I just moved here from Brooklyn and the Tommy burger scared me at first. but now we are very very close. Still, it is more of a special occasion burger for me.

                                          My regular favorite is and will always be In and Out.

                                          1. in n out = pie n burger but over 50% off the price

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                                                the burger tastes good. just not any better than in n out.

                                                1. re: lapchern

                                                  if it's not better than in n out, it's not good!

                                            1. kobe burger @ taste on melrose is pretty rockin in a classic style. they make their own ketchup which is an added treat and commendable.

                                              1. how about Pann's and TGI Fridays??

                                                1. The Counter in Santa Monica, and Nick & Stef's downtown!

                                                  1. Oinkster's in Eagle Rock has really really good burgers, although they make other sandwiches too. (like pulled pork and pastrami)

                                                    1. Two more (my two cents' worth) that I'm suprised have not been mentioned . . .

                                                      Hungry Cat - so far my favorite, surpassing Father's Office mostly because of the less hassle factor and ability to get ketchup, but mostly due to the great melding of flavors
                                                      Pinot Bistro - one of the best simple burgers I've had in LA. Their quality of meat was perfect. They serve it at lunch and the frites that come with it are an added plus.

                                                      1. A GREAT burger in Hermosa Beach is found at:

                                                        Fat Face Fenner's Fishack
                                                        53 Pier Ave
                                                        Hermosa Beach, CA 90254-3782

                                                        It is on the north side, second floor, half way down the pier plaza there.

                                                        This is my favorite burger. Absolutely favorite burger. You get a list of items you can put on the burger. Choose away and end up with a great piece of ground beef with delicious toppings...mouthwatering. The fish incidentally is magnificent and fresh as well.

                                                        1. I can't believe no one has mentioned Hinano's on Washington in MDR! I think it's the best burger by far -- very old school, served in a paper basket with chips and hot peppers. You can get a double, and there are two cheeses to pick from -- get both.
                                                          Also, the Shack, in Playa.

                                                          1. What about the hickory burger at Apple Pan? :D





                                                            (ducking from the tomatoes)

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                                                            1. re: SauceSupreme

                                                              No tomatoes at The Apple Pan and......nevermind!

                                                            2. I agree with many of these including Fatburger, Tommy's, The Shack and Hungry Cat.

                                                              I'll also toss out the burger at Petrelli's in Culver City. Ps gets low marks as a steakhouse from many, but I go there solely for the hamburger. They'll cook it rare or medium rare (my choice). It comes with good steakhouse fries, though I prefer to sub a salad. Make sure to add the grilled onions.

                                                              There's something nice about sitting in an old-school bar, sipping a cold beer with maybe a shot of Jim Beam on the side or just a Beam on the rocks. It's also a pretty reasonable meal, the burger is less than 10 bucks (plus a couple of bucks for the onions).

                                                              1. Billy's Grill on Magnolia and Van Nuys has good burgers...beef, buffalo, osctrich and tuna

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                                                                1. re: Diana

                                                                  2nd this... Billy's had some great burgers!

                                                                2. Here's one out of left field that I've pitched in similar threads -- Morel's Bistro at The Grove. The burger is terrific, the best pure beef flavor I've had in a burger. They have a prime steak house upstairs that I think is just so-so, but they do serve prime beef and the burger downstairs at the Bistro tastes like it. It comes with lettuce, tomato, gruyere and some onion relish, but if you don't like that sort of thing have them hold it or scrape it off. The unadorned, hand-formed juicy patty stands on its own. Frites are better than average, but not outstanding. Not a lot there that I like, but the burger is consistently outstanding.

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                                                                    I went to Morel's Bistro recently with 4 friends. We were all ok with our meal, but the people next to us had the burger and it really did look great. I've been meaning to go back to try it. Thanks for reminding me.

                                                                  2. It's a chain, but Islands.

                                                                    1. Beware the Fatburger in Woodland Hills... just greasy and no taste.
                                                                      Have heard others recently regretful of their visits to other outlets of this chain staple.
                                                                      I ate my last Fatburger ever last week. I'd consider Rae's - if you're on a budget.

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                                                                      1. re: jbl123

                                                                        This seems an extreme reaction. Rae's is more vibe than flava.

                                                                        1. re: mc michael

                                                                          true true. perhaps will give the Fat one more chance. maybe next fall.
                                                                          Rae's is more of a breakfast spot. last great burger memory was a kobe at the 4 seasons.

                                                                      2. I just had Kobe sliders at Sideways lounge, formerly Sterling steak house on Ivar in Hollywood next to Amoeba records. They were really tiny, but amazing.

                                                                        1. What about the sliders at Tower Bar? I tasted one of my friend's and was kicking myself all night for ordering salad.

                                                                          1. The two best burgers I had were at Morton's Steakhouse in Downtown LA, and the Standard Hotel in Hollywood.