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Feb 18, 2007 03:57 PM

Honmura An Shall I go?

My friend went and said it was disappointing. However, I don't fully trust his views on food. So I come to my friends here! Let me know all. Thanks Jason

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  1. I really love Honmura An. The food is light, but very satisfying and the staff has always been friendly and efficient. If you end up going, I recommend the Soba Gaki (they describe it as a japanese "gnocchi"), Tori Dango (fried chicken meatballs) as appetizers. They also have a really good omelet appetizer, but i forget what its called.I prefer the Soba entrees. Oh, and the green tea ice cream is really tasty, too.

    1. You're a day too late...reportedly, it's closed for good yesterday.

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      1. It has indeed just closed and, as such, you go should to Soba Koh in the east village for your soba fix. Soba-ya is also pretty good, but I would put Soba Koh at the top. Delicious cold soba with tempura.

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