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Feb 18, 2007 03:32 PM

Fogo de chao? Your opinions please!

Has anyone eaten at Fogo de Chao? Newly opened in Philly with locations in USA and Brazil. Please provide me with your comments. Thank you!

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  1. Never ate at Fogo but have eaten at Texas de Brazil multiple times. I hear they are comparable from others on this board. I think they serve quite a good product with an excellent salad bar. My only beef is with how much they salt there cuts of meat,,,,,,,,seems a little excessive at times, but overall pretty good assuming they are comparable. Plus if your kids are 5 or under they eat free which saves a few bucks. Most women will never get their moneys worth as it runs about 42 bucks a head, unless of course she is Latin then she knows how to eat, but beware it's more of a guys place to Graze. Down here in Orlando I know the college kids love it.

    1. I was to the one in Atlanta and I thought it was one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. That's my favorite way to prepare food, and I thought it was done perfectly.

      1. I went to the DC locale.

        I found the meats over seasoned. Your tongue was assaulted. The quality of the meat was mid-high to high. The waitstaff was very friendly, willing to teach what each dish was, and respected the "red-green" symbol.

        The salad bar was enormous, but i was there as a carnivore and did not want to fill up on green stuff. Others have raved about the bar.

        I probably ate 24-32 oz of different meats and poultry. If you see something on the menu that has not been around, just ask the server and he will bring it.

        It's pretty pricey, and a lot of fun.

        1. I haven't been to either, but there is also a non-chain rodizio spot in the northeast that is not upscale but also cheaper (~$25 on weekends, less on weekdays). It's called's the writeup last year from Philly Weekly:

          If you go to either...let us know what you think!

          1. As a Brazilian I've been to a lot of Rodizio chains, both in NYC and Brazil. I find Fogo de Chao's salad bar mediocre, but the quality of the meat a bit higher (althoug slightly over seasoned at times).

            If you're ever in NYC, I've found Plataforma to be the best outside of Brazil.