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Feb 18, 2007 03:32 PM

delivery, Huron Ave. area?

Hey all,

Despite living less than 2 miles from Harvard Square (literally a ten minute drive,) I seemingly have a highly limited amount of options for deliverary. I have found 2 greasy Chinese restaurants, 1 mediocre Indian place, a better than mediocre but not great Thai restaurant and a number of totally blah sub shops that deliver here.

I'm hoping that I'm missing some places... Does anyone know of any decent places that deliver - any cuisine is fine - I'm just sick of the same old thing on nights like tonight when I don't feel like cooking or going out for dinner.


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  1. Zoe's on Beacon St. They have some great Sichuan dishes that aren't as readily available at your average Chinese joint. Redbones should deliver to that area too. Don't forget Dial-a-Pizza!!!!!!!

    Have you checked

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      It's been mentioned before, but Zoe's has a very uneven menu. I recommend sticking to the special Sichuan and North/South Style menus. Also note that Zoe's has an excellent "family style menu" full of cheap ($3-$5) sides that for some reason isn't on Foodler. I would recommend ordering off it instead of off the regular appetizer menu. You can see it on

      One more thing about Zoe's: the delivery is fine 90% of the time but extremely delayed 10% of the time (e.g., two hours).

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        We've only ordered delivery there a handful of times but it was always really fast!
        Of course, sometimes communicating with whomever is on the phone can be a bit challenging if you don't speak Mandarin.

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          HA - yes, we had the two-hour delay a week or so ago. Unbelievable, and then the order was not correct. Lions head was its usual warming and tasty self, however.

          1. re: Splendid Spatula

            I've had a rocky relationship with Zoe's (several wrong orders/persistently ignoring special instructions (I give up)/absurd lateness without calling) but still when it's good it's very good. I made the mistake last night of ordering from the more reliable Happy Garden. God that food was disgusting, I retract my quasi-recommendation below.

            1. re: fenian

              WOW !! Someone actually gets food from Happy Garden? What is that place like, anyway? Every time I pass by I ask myself, "what the heck is that place doing here?"

              1. re: Sgt Snackers

                I've had it many times. I swear that sometimes it's been good (though not great). Lately it's been horrendous. I feel like they have wide variation in chef quality, because even the same dish can vary dramatically. Regardless, I'm never ordering from there again.

                Pu Pu Hot Pot on the other hand...I'm addicted to their kofu appetizer.

      2. The best way to find restaurants that deliver to your address is through and . Diningin charges $6+ for delivery (plus tip). Most of the restaurants on foodler have free or $1-$2 delivery, though some are through a service called NightOwl for a $5-$6 fee. One notable restaurant that likely delivers to you and isn't on those sites is Qingdao Garden--a board favorite, not my favorite, but great dumplings. Wang's, another board favorite not on those sites, will deliver to me--and likely to you--for orders of $30 or above.

        I live in between Harvard square and Porter square, not far from Huron--I walk to FK often. I assume that most places that deliver to me will deliver to you. The list of decent restaurants that deliver here without a large fee is awfully small. Places of note are Zoe's (Chinese), Cafe Kiraz, and (strangely because it's a long way) Aneka Rasa. For Thai, I'd go with Tom Yum Koong.

        However, there are many good restaurants that deliver here, and probably to you, for a fee through one of the sites I listed. I recommend Fugakyu for sushi, Reef Cafe for Lebanese (had this tonight--great as always), Muqueca for Brazilian, and India Quality for Indian.

        And one more note about Indian: Namaskar, Tamarind Bay, Kebab Factory, and Punjab all used to deliver to me through DiningIn, but now no longer show up on my list. I would recommend any of these for Indian if they show up on yours.

        If you are OK with greasy/fatty pizza, try Dial A Pizza. I enjoyed it when I wasn't watching my diet, but now it's out of the question. You may also want to try City Slicker (there's a recent thread on this).

        Finally, two Chinese places that I find just decent but are cheap, have dependable delivery, and provide variety: Happy Garden (really like the Indonesian fried rice) and PuPu Hot Pot.

        Also count your blessings: close-by takeout from FK and Armando's. There's nothing close to comparable here.

        1. i also live in the area but closer to harvard square. the only place we get delivery from regularly is dial a pizza. Two large cheese pizzas and a 2-liter of soda for $11. Mention the special at the beginning of the call or else they'll hassle you.

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          1. re: jenga

            Neat that three of us agree on this should-be-terrible pizza place. I really like their white pizza.

          2. I ate at Dial A Pizza once, but wasn't impressed... but I'll definitely try it again! Thanks for all the tips!

            1. Qingdao Garden is on Mass Ave between Davis and Alewife. I think they'd deliver to Huron Ave, though you'd want to call them to double check. They do excellent northern style Chinese cookery, with a few southern things (scattered Sichuanese things) done decently. Best damn jiaozi (Peking ravioli) in town IMO. The trick is that the menu has a pink side and a white side. In general, it's best to stick with the pink side which has "Chinese specialties" and is more like real-deal Chinese. It's much more like a mediocre greasy spoon take-out joint on the white side, even if the dish names sound authentic (one prominent exception being their lo mein is pretty good).

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              1. re: Dr.Jimbob

                Qingdao does deliver there. Here's our perfect order:
                fried pork & leek dumplings
                pork w/ cilantro
                potato with hot pepper

                Sometimes with a beef with hot pepper thrown in or maybe eggplant. And I loooove their fried chicken wings for a junk food fix.