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Feb 18, 2007 03:29 PM

Pasadena for one?

Housesitting for the weekend, looking for a place to go in the Pasadena area (also La Canada, La Crescenta, thereabouts). My friends are not interested in driving up here, so it would be just me.

Cuisine, price, and scene don't matter. Just looking for something good on a Sunday night. Can anyone help?

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  1. Cafe Beaujolais in Eagle Rock is a nice place with good food. It's got a cozy atmosphere; I've enjoyed it solo.

    1. ...and, if you're willing to go to Eagle Rock, you might wanna try Oinkster (on Colorado close to Eagle Rock Blvd.), whose stock seems to have gone up after a rocky start. good Applewood-smoked pastrami sandwich, crunchy almost-frites fries, and supposedly a good burger. definitely no problem being a onesie there.

      or try Tonny's, a wonderful little Mexican place just off Lake about 4 or 5 blocks north of the 210. (google for tengo)

      1. The Crepe Vine in Old Town Pasadena is great. You can sit at the wine bar, and eat dinner. Very friendly atmosphere. The ham and swiss crepe is my favorite.

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          Agreed with CrepeVine. We met the owner the last time we went, she was extremely gracious (to the point where they give you blankets when you want to sit outside and it's a little cold), and had a great time. We had the venison meatloaf (very well crafted, not gamey at all), and the moules and frites (prepare to be overwhelmed by fries).

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            Third the rec on CrepeVine - good wine selection, yummy garlic fries, a decent cheese fondue (and of course, the crepes - my faves are the forest mushrooms & stroganoff & rum-banana one).

            In that area I'd also go for McCormick Schmick (and their infamous happy hour), saladang/saladang song for Thai, or the Kan-sai & Hurry Curry for japanese.


          2. La Cabinita in La Cresenta for excellent Mexican food. You'll find a few good post here on CH.

            3447 N Verdugo Rd
            Glendale, CA 91208
            (818) 957-2711

            1. How about really good British pub food?

              I like to go to Brit's sometimes durring the week, pick up a Pasadena Weekly on the way in, and have dinner with a couple of pints. The place is very un-fancy, but cozy. It's cheap too.

              1770 E. Colorado Blvd.
              Pasadena, CA 91106