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Best Arancini in St. Louis?

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Who has the best arancini in St. Louis? I fell in love with these babies in Minneapolis and have yet to taste them here at home. The ones I had were stuffed w/ sundried tomatoes, mozzarella, Italian sausage, prosciutto, and peas....magnificent w/a crispy crust. Can I get something similar here?

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  1. My curiosity was piqued: I had never heard of arancini. A little research found: arancini as an appetizer on Bartolino's dinner menu; an RFT review saying that the arancini at the Highway 61 Roadhouse were excellent; a Chowhound review praising the arancini at Lorenzo's.

    1. Trattoria Marcella had arancini when we ate there several years ago. I remember it being very good as is everything else on their menu.

      1. I've never had good ariancini in a restaurant or deli.(I've only had good risotto a few times, so maybe I am picky.) Would like to try Lorenzo's.

        1. You can get them at Trattoria Marcella on Watson. Oh so good, so good!!

          1. There are excellent arancini available at the Pitted Olive on Hampton. Very simply stuffed with cheese, and extremely tasty.

            1. Trattoria Marcella does indeed have excellent arancini, but I discovered that Vito's on Olive (near SLU) does a fine job as well. And they deliver to the CWE, so that's a plus...

              1. Lorenzo's Trattoria and The Pitted Olive have very good arancini.