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Feb 18, 2007 03:16 PM

Hainanese chicken rice at Penang

Really like this room-temperature dish at Penang in Chinatown. The menu specifies that it is room-temp, and the waiter told me when I ordered, "I'm sorry, that dish is only served at room temperature." Apparently that is a problem for some people?

Anyway, the room-temp chicken pieces (can specify dark or white meat) come in a soy sauce-based sauce, and are garnished with cilantro and cucumbers. The sriracha-like chili paste on the side is especially tasty.

The service, however, was laughable. The tables are far too close together, the waiters are far too eager to take away your unfinished food (I suppose in an effort to turnover tables quickly), and one of the waiters poured ice water into my friend's glass (reaching across the table) with the pitcher probably about two inches from her face. Banana Leaf is much friendlier.

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  1. I frequently order the chicken and the waitperson always warns me that it will come room temperature. Apparently it is a shock to some people that it is not hot. I've always found the service at penang friendly, if not always professional. I've never been hurried, but then I only go there at lunchtime, when it is not too busy.

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      You have to go at off times if you do not want to be rushed in and out in 20 minutes. I love the food, but I tend to stay away when I want to hang with friends for more than 15 minutes.