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Maggianos Italian Restaurant

So, we just came back from Maggianos in Cleveland at the Beachwood Mall. We did the family style menu for 3 of us. We thought it had to be minumum of 4 people, but the GM said they will honor any party size. For 25 bucks we had fried zucchini with lemon aioli (AMAZING), spinach and artichoke dip, Maggianos salad, chopped salad with avacado, bleu cheese and pancetta, gnocci with vodka cream sauce (puffy dumplings of love), eggplant parm, stuffed chicken fontina and chicken picatta. Ended it with an apple crostada and a grilled pound cake with bruleed bananas. We were able to order as many seconds as we needed to and also brought anything extra home.

Has anyone else tried the family style? We don't usually do chains, but this one was well worth it.

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  1. As chains go, I think Maggiano's does a great job. Around here, and anywhere else I've lived, they are the best Italian chain (waaay better than the atrocities, OG and MG)!

    We haven't tried the family style, because it's usually just two of us; in fact, we usually split a salad and a half order because there's no way I can even come close to finishing one of those. Makes for a *really* cheap dinner!

    1. we love maggiano's for what it is. Is it haute cuisine? No. But it is fun, the food is good and plentiful. we usually go with a crowd - the more people, the more fun. the stuffed mushrooms are delicious and they make pretty good fried calamari. the spinach salad is pretty good & we love the chopped salad. the gnocchi are too heavy for us - we usually have the canneloni & veal ravioli. then the italian pot roast & chicken fontina. then the nonna's pound cake & the apple crostini. yum, yum. it is something we only do a couple of times a year because it is sooo much food, but we always enjoy it.

      1. My family in Indianapolis often visits Magionos around the holidays, when there are enough of us in town to make it a crowd. Yes, it's not haute cuisine, but it's good and you get so many choices with the family style that it's alot of fun to try different things. Everyone usually leaves happy.

        1. We did our wedding reception at a Maggiano's (big ballroom).....and people are still talking about the family style abundance of yummy Italian food. I thought it was fun and different (we didn't want the usual dry wedding food).....and people could eat all they wanted. While Maggiano's isn't your "top of the line" Italian, it is quite tasty and they do a good job!

          1. Eh, the one here in South Tampa is average. We have authentic Italian nearby much better and much more worth it than Maggiano's. It's not really seen as a great place here. It's in the mall and nothing too special here. I'd rather go down the street for something authentic, the same price (or less,) and much tastier!

            1. I really didn't care for Maggianos. Have a dairy allergy and apparently everything on the entire menu is premade with butter including the marinara sauce. So I had some plain pasta with grilled chicken on it for the price of the alfredro. I will not be back.

              1. We just went to Maggiano's tonight and really enjoyed it. Their tiramisu is one of the best I've ever had, and the servers were all quite nice and attentive. Nevertheless, I'm certain there are some better and more authentic Italian places out there.

                1. A friend's wedding reception was held at one in Denver and they had amazingly good lasagna, good salad, and decent salmon. We thought it was great and will definitely return -- especially since someone gave us a gift certificate.

                  1. I went for a birthday party with a group of about 20. We all enjoyed it, and there were huge amounts of leftovers.

                    1. Family style is the way to go at Maggianos. The fried zucchini is the absolute BEST I have ever had! And, the four cheese ravioli with alfredo, marinara and pesto.

                      They also do a special menu on Thanksgiving Day that is family style and includes the regular menu choices and ALSO turkey, ham and all the traditional sides.

                      The Family Style is the dealio!

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                        my recall of the edina minnesota location: serving dishes big enough to bathe a baby in and enough leftovers for days.