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Feb 18, 2007 02:45 PM

Food Snob or Food Lover?

Which do you consider yourself to be? Here's a simple test. Aunt Mabel brings one of her truly inspired desserts to the family get together. All of the cousins are oohing and ahhing over the taste, do you overlook the cool whip and dive in or take a tiny sample which you will later unceremoniusly discard in a nearby trash bin when no one is looking?

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  1. I'm a food snob. Through and through!

    1. food lover. I look forward to my mom's squash casserole at thanksgiving to foie gras three ways at Joel. i find that food snobs are merely picky eaters with no imagination.

      1. by the wording I'm surprised that someone would respond as a snob. The OP appears to be biased. I'm a lover. There's no ignorance like knowing what's right.

        1. All my relatives are outstanding cooks (four generations of restaurant/food careers'll do that to you), so I'd just dive in.

          But I'm not sure I completely understand the question, so perhaps you might rephrase for li'l ol' me...

          1. Food lover. I'll always be the one sneaking a bite of casserole with cheese and corn flake toppimg -- or a how about that pretzel/jello dessert? But I'm the first in line for some great caviar or cheese. I agree that a true food lover rejoices in all types of food, always open to new experiences. As such you really can't eliminate foods -- well, except perhaps SPAM, but that's a whole different topic.