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Small Wedding Lunch In Beverly Hills

I'm getting married at the Beverly Hills courthouse on Thursday, with my parents and inlaws-to-be from out of town attending. Looking for a nice place nearby for lunch--classy but not corporate, expensive but not snooty or negligent towards common-folk. Preferably American or French cuisine. Thanks!

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  1. Congrats on your upcoming marriage. I think that The Grill on the Alley would suit your needs.

    1. Spago would certainly work nicely.

      1. If you're willing to travel just a little bit further, the Hotel Bel Air would be ideal. It's beautiful and truly a special event kind of place.

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          Oh yes, definitely Hotel Bel Air. Love that idea.

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            I agree with Hotel Bel Air. It is the perfect place for your special day! It is beautiful, romantic and the food is great!

        2. Congrats! I also like the idea of Spago on the Patio. And, they have a wonderful pastry chef, Sherry Yard, and her crew, and they cuold make you a wonderful cake. Call asap for your reservation so that you can hopefully get the time that you want. There's also a new restaurant in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (on Wilshire, at Rodeo) called "Boulevard" (I think). I haven't been there, but I know two people who have and they enjoyed it a lot. Let us know where you select and who catches the bouquet.

          1. If you can get into Italian, Il Cielo on Third St. is a beautiful setting. Food and service used to be great, but I haven't been there in quite a while. Also on Third, but in Los Angeles, is La Terza. Not far, on Melrose, is Angeli Caffe. Congrats, and good dining.

            1. Congratulations. Spago or the Hotel Bel Air would be very nice choices.

              1. Il Cielo on BURTON WAY is about 4 blocks east of the courthouse,
                a VERY pretty romantic setting (little house with different rooms and patios)
                Italian, but a great setting and totally appropriate for the event-


                1. I also recommend the Hotel Bel Air. It's hard to beat the gorgeous garden, patio, swans, flowers, and exquisite preparation and presentation of food. Perfect for wedding parties! They treat clientele special on every occasion, so I can imagine how sweet they'll be on your special day. Congratulations!


                  1. So, we went with the Hotel Bel Air and it was perfect! Thanks so much for the suggestions. The food was delicious, the service impeccable and memorable (some dodgy old-world moustaches and exaggerated accents made us feel like we were in olde Hollywood). We even rubbed elbows with the stars, as Jude Law was seated next to us! Couldn't have asked for anything more.

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                        hi there. congrats on the wedding! based on this thread, we are thinking of doing this at well at hotel bel air. do you have a contact there? or is there a specific restaurant you had your lunch in? and how many people did you have?

                      2. The Hotel Bel Air is beautiful, but I'd also recommend the restaurant (Gardens) at the Four Seasons on Doheny (a few blocks away from the courthouse). Their lunch menu is lovely, but I bet you also could call over there in advance and have them set up a special tasting menu in honor of your big day. Their service is fantastic, the food is delicious, and the setting feels very deluxe -- then again, perhaps I'm biased because that's where we had our wedding. We go back at least once a year, and it's consistently good.

                        I'd steer clear of the Grill (unless you want to eat your wedding lunch in a totally unromantic room filled with talent agents) and Il Cielo (the setting is great, but the food is dreadful).

                        Best wishes/congratulations on your wedding!

                        1. what about Il Cielo on Burton Way (or maybe that's gone now, or The Ivy on Robertson. The restaurants at the Beverly Wilshire, Peninsula and Four Seasons might work.

                          1. Glad it worked out!
                            Hope it's a good omen.