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Feb 18, 2007 02:32 PM

Freshdirect sent lady apples by mistake...

At least I think that's what they are. They are tiny apples. Do you just eat them like regular apples? I'm currently roasting a duck and some vegetables and I thought that maybe I could throw them in the bottom of the pan. I've never seen them close up before, but they are cute!

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  1. I just saw a recipe somewhere (senior moment) where they roasted some meat (chicken, pork, duck?) with lady apples wrapped in a slice of bacon. Sounded delicious and rather cool, but I can't put my hands on the source. Hope you are an experienced enough cook to run with the idea if it appeals.

    1. I would slice one open and taste it to see what you've got. If they're firm and tart, they'll be perfect with your duck, but maybe you should core them before throwing them in. let us know what happens!

      (side note: freshdirect once sent me 3 knobs of ginger by's funny what ideas you come up with with an unexpected ingredient!)

      1. sounds like crab apples. firm and tart. great with a fresh goat cheese.

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          I agree. I don't think lady apples are smaller than other apples. Crab apples are. They are, as amkirkland says, tart...very tart.

          1. re: oakjoan

            Lady apples are indeed smaller than other apples. Fresh Direct recommends slicing and sauteing them in butter and serving them with duck, so you lucked out.

            I am not so lucky. In my last Fresh Direct order, my baguette and butternut squash were missing, and my unexpected "bonus" was an unappetizing bottle of Lysol.

          2. re: amkirkland

            Lady apples are small, that what makes them so lady like.
            Do people sell crab apples the way that they sell regular apples? I have never seen one in a farmstand/grocery store etc. I have picked plenty off the tree though!

            1. re: bolivianita

              They have them at my Whole Foods in Phoenix. I don't know if they're universally common though. Sadly, we have no lady apples. These are different from pink ladies, right?

          3. Crab apples are much smaller than lady apples and those are smaller than regular apples. lady's afre known for their intense flavor. A butter saute sounds great for use with the duck

            1. As others have said, lady apples are indeed smaller than other apples. They are pretty tart, so I think they would be good with your duck. I've always wanted to make these individual tarte tatin with them... I've used them to make my apple dumplings before and they were very good... and cute!