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Feb 18, 2007 02:16 PM

Tusk Lounge at the Brass Elephant (Baltimore)

This is the lounge inside the Brass Elephant. Looking at the menu on-line it looks pretty good. Am looking for somewhere nice before a show at SpotLighters. The Brass Elephant is slightly out of the price range for this particular night but if the lounge food is good and nice ambiance, this might be a good place. Any one know if its good? How crowded does it get on a weekend night? Is it very smoky?

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  1. The Tusk Lounge is really a chowhound-worthy gem. The food is basically a miniature version of what is served in the main dining rooms downstairs. However, because the portions are smaller and the sconces aren't quite in the shape of elephants, the price is approximately half. (You can also order from the Brass Elephant menu, so be sure to ask for the Tusk Lounge menu.) A lamb-stuffed baby pumpkin appetizer was particularly nice, but I haven't had anything that was bad there.

    I haven't been on a weekend, bu there are only perhaps a dozen tables, so I would not be surprised if it is crowded then. Ambiance is elegant, but not quite the level of the rooms below. Sometimes it gets chilly, so you may have to ask the server to turn up the heat.

    Didn't notice it being particularly smoky, but there is a bar in the next room. Note there is also free (I think) valet parking across the street. When you come in, don't wait for the host. Just go right upstairs to the second floor.

    1. The Brass is now smoke free... started about a year ago. Brass offers free valet parking.

      1. Looking at the menu on the website, it seems most of the things on the Lounge menu are listed as small plates on the Dinner Menu. Does this mean that they are tapas-type dishes? Or are they big enough to order as dinner? Better for a happy hour?

        1. It is more like happy hour fare, but you could make a meal of it. Have you considered Helmand's? Or even Iggie's?

          1. I really like Tusk's--food is quite good and not expensive, and it has a nicer room than Helmand's