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Feb 18, 2007 02:04 PM

Delivery for my sick Mom in Southie?

Hi east cost hounds! I am a bostonian transplanted to califoria for decades. My Mom still lives in Southie & with the freezing cold & horrible weather you are experiencing combined with her arthritis etc, she hasn't been out in ages! (poor poor thing, please say a prayer!)
I have been searching for some yummy places locally that could deliver GOOD food to her. She is a simple eater but fairly adventurous so nothing raw or spicey for her. She would be thrilled with typical boston fare lobster, steak tips, chinese, scrod......all the things cali lacks! OR are there any delivery services that would pick up & deliver food from local restaurants? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I have an apartment on Telegraph St. off Dorchester St. in Southie. I've only lived there briefly, but I have found a couple of places that are good and that deliver.

    Alfredo's Italian Kitchen- They make pizza, subs, pastas, etc. I haven't gotten too creative there, but the white pizza is great. Garlicky with spinach and tomatoes. It's nice. The food is all pretty good there and they are so nice. Delivery is pretty quick and it's not expensive.

    Alfredos Italian Kitchen
    243 Dorchester St
    South Boston, MA 02127View Map

    My Diner- good home cooking... only for breakfast and lunch, but the deliver. The always have fresh turkey on hand and many other fresh meats. Good chili, although one is VERY spicy, so she should be careful there. Basics like burgers, tuna melts, are always fresh and good quality. The chicken salad is just like my mom made it and I LOVE it. Hellman's mayo, a little red onion and some celery. Put that on some dark rye with lettuce and you honestly have 2 meals. All usually comes with fries, too. they usually have specials, too. This is on A street.

    My Diner
    98 A St
    South Boston, MA 02127View Map

    Lastly, Terriyaki House. Good qualilty chinese and sushi. I always get the chicken and brocolli. It's very nice and fresh. They crank out the orders there. I order take out there, but I have also had delivery. As I recall, the delivery was pretty fast. i have also had the chicken lo mein and my friend swears by the beef brocolli. The wonton soup is great and the pork dumplings are juicy and flavorful. not sure if your mother eats sushi, but they also do a nice job there. I eat basic california rolls, spicy tuna type sushi. It's all been very good and the edamame is hot and very plump.

    Teriyaki House
    32 W Broadway (Cross Street: Dorchester Avenue)
    South Boston, MA 02127-1016View Map
    (617) 269-2000

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      Also, My Diner has turkey hash that is easily my favorite in town.

    2. Best wishes to your mother that she gets better soon.

      When I lived in Southie, one of my FAAAAAAVORITE Italian lunch places was Sal's Ristorante. It has no relation to the chain of pizzerias in the NE called Sal's. It's just a mom & pop no-frills red sauce place run by a Sal Lograsso.

      Everything I've had there has been just excellent. Very simple, lovingly and freshly prepared.

      The # is (617) 268-5800 and they're on L street at East 8th. I think they're not open past 8 though.

      Man, I gotta head down there again and get me some carbonara.


        this website subcontracts for dozens of restaurants that don't normally offer delivery. i've had good luck with them in the past.