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Feb 18, 2007 02:02 PM

John Andrews

I'm going on Thursday... Italian night. Any recs.

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  1. prosciutto/mozz salad, gnocchi, salt cod ravioli....those are my current faves. if you search JA on this board, you will find many posts. i have never been on a thursday night for the special italian menu, but i hear its wonderful- especially the value.
    ENJOY and please report back!

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    1. Just returned from a great meal! One of three have the fixed priced special.. the other two ate ala carte. All was wonderful.. the hour and 1/2 drive well worth it.
      I wouldn't mind finding a half way decent place to stay nearby.

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        im so glad you liked it! what did you have? what was offered for the special?

      2. My wife had the prix fixe Italian dinner. She started out with an arugula salad that was very good. Main course was a braised veal... god, but didn't knock her socks off. Our niece had the ravioli which we all enjoyed sampling. I had the tuna tatare... great!! (I know you are not fond of sushi.) The two of us both ordered the pork chop. It was outstanding. I decided early to get the entree. When she announced she was getting the same, I was disappointed that there was one less item for me to sample.
        The specials were a rack of lamb and another lamb preparation. Both sounded great, but I just had lamb the other night and decided to stick with the pork. The wine... a Barolo suggested to us was very enjoyable.
        All of us loved the meal. My wife and I will definitely return to our latest favorite restaurant. (The niece lives in Florida).
        I would love to find a good Inn near JA.

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          Sorry, but we try to keep Chowhound focused on finding great chow. Discusison of where to stay is off topic for our site.

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            jaylhorner, i can email you info on where to stay if you.