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Feb 18, 2007 01:18 PM

Grace review

We had a great dinner at Grace last night. Appetizers were a pork belly dish and a special, salmon two ways. The pork belly was sensational--so tender and flavorful. The salmon was good but nothing special--lacking in flavor compared to the other dishes. Entrees were a wild boar dish and a pork shank dish--both were incredible. Especially the was cooked perfectly, with the tenderness of filet mignon but more flavorful. Served with great spaetzle and brussel sprouts. Dessert was blood orange panna cotta with malt-flavored icecream and some other components. This was the best panna cotta I've ever had--really rich and creamy but also light at the same time. I had heard that pork and boar are the way to go at Grace, and I would agree, because the salmon appetizer was definitely the weakest link in an otherwise exceptional meal. Would definitely go again, but would not order fish there again.

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  1. Thanks for the report; I love love love Grace. Chef Fraser seems to have a distinctly American twist to fine dining, which is dominated by European cuisines. My favorites have also been the Bershire pork. I've never had the blood orange panna cotta, but that sounds pretty good. There was a similar dish served at Hatfield's (down the block) so I wonder how much friendly rivalry goes on between the two.

    1. I was there a few weeks ago and had the blood orange panna cotta-absolutely to die for!!! also, my companion ordered the after-school special for the dessert... warm chocolate chip cookies, a chocolate malt, ice cream sandwich, and i forgot what else, but it was fabulous! the entrees were great, as usual, and our roasted beet salad and soup was delectable.

      the chef was in the house, and he made his rounds in the dining room. nice gentleman with unbelievable talent. this is definitely my favorite restaurant in l.a. thus far!

      1. I'd sad to report a rather uninspired meal at Grace this past Friday. Went with BF for our first meal there... had such high hopes based on what the 'hounds have all said. But our server was completely absent and never offered any insight on the menu, and our entrees (wild boar and rabbit) were dry, overcooked and generally lacking in flavor. That said, the pork belly appetizer was great, and the short ribs were nice (after picking around the loads of tough, flavorless snails). And the sommelier, once our joke of a waitress *finally* sent him over, gave a good wine recommendation and was definitely the personality highlight of the evening. Overall, a very uninspired meal. Not quite what I would expect for $300 for two.