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Feb 18, 2007 01:15 PM

Le Pain Quotidien--- How do they do it?

I just came from brunch at LPQ. Me and my friend split an egg salad tartine, baguette with various spreads, cappucinos and a brownie.
Everything was so fresh and delicious. I live in NYC and there are tons of independent places to get great breakfast. LPQ is a huge chain. How do they maintain such high quality in their stores?

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  1. My theory is that they're smart to keep their selection of fresh items fairly limited (for such a sit-down-table-service experience). They don't have to keep tons of different perishables on hand, with all their associated costs. They focus on what they know they can do really really well, and don't complicate things by trying to cater to the whims of every possible customer.

    I'm super impressed by them too. I'm not usually a fan of chains, but I can't wait for them to come to Rhode Island

    1. it just amazes me the the LPQ in paris is the same quality as the one in NYC.

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        Which is the same quality as the one in L.A. I discovered LPQ when I was living on E 31st street and went to the one at ABC Carpet and Home. I then moved to E. 60th Street in Manhattan, and went to the one on Lexington (or is it 3rd?) and 63rd. Equally good. Then I moved west and have eaten at the ones in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood regularly. The egg salad is equally delicious everywhere I go, as is the cafe au lait. I'm also a sucker for their hazelnut spread, but that comes in a jar.

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          The secret is in the management. The founder of the company along with the management team is constantly checking product quality and ensuring that the product is the same everywhere you go.

        2. I love this place and it seems many people don't even know about them. They have managed to avoid all of the negative attributes associated with chains.

          1. LPQ is one of my favorite places. I especially love their Mediterranean platter! The taboule is amazing!

            1. I am so glad you posted this. I have always passed this chain because it is a chain. Shame on me....your lunch sounds delish! I live in NJ, but I am in Manhattan quite frequently so I can't wait to try!