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Baking boneless chicken breasts? How long/how high?

I have sauteed a few boneless breasts (still not cooked through inside) in oil and goose fat after coating with Wondra. I plan to bake them with left-over sauce from my coq au vin/prune dish. (in a Pyrex pan) But in looking through my cookbooks, I do not see a guide for how long to cook them and at what temperature. Planning to do these in a few hours so could use some help so I do not completely ruin my dinner! Thanks.

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  1. 375o for 30 minutes should do it, if they're already partially cooked. Even if not, it won't be more than 5 to 10 minutes in one direction or the other - so definitely will not completely ruin dinner. Make sure ingredients aren't stone cold from the fridge, though.

    1. If I read correctly, you've already par-cooked the chicken via a pan-sauté method? If so, I probably would only simmer the chicken breasts in the lefover coq au vin sauce on the stovetop for about 15-20 minutes max (instead of baking them), depending on the thickness of the chicken breasts. I don't think they'll need to cook for very long.

      1. I would use a 375 degree oven for 40 minutes for whole, raw breasts. Subtract from that the minutes you have already cooked them in the goose fat (ex, if you already cooked them 5 mins per side, go 40-(2x5)=30 mins in oven).

        use a thermometer to judge doneness. if you don't have a thermometer, stick with a fork and if the juices run pink, put the back in the oven and try again in 10 minutes.

        1. In general, I thought it was usually recommended not to cook in two stages in this way with a bunch of time in between, since you end bringing the middle of the meat to a nice warm good-for-bacteria temperature, and then giving them some time to go to town before (hopefully) killing them off with the more thorough cooking. Of course, if the final cooking is sufficient, I wouldn't think this would be a big problem... it's just what I've been told...
          Am I mistaken?
          (If not, it suggests that good general practice is to wait to sear/saute until ready to bake soon thereafter)

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            You are correct. It's okay to pan fry and then follow immediately by baking but not to let it cool first.

          2. Thanks everyone. Just to clarify: They are already cooked on the outside but not all the way through. I pounded them so they are quite thin. I am taking them out of the fridge now so they will not be cold before baking. The reason for all of this was that I had that great left-over sauce in the freezer and wanted to use it. So pre-heat at 375?

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              If the chicken was not cooked through, it might not be safe to finish cooking after refrigerating:


            2. I have to agree that this is an unsafe practice. I hope the chicken was cooled down and refrigerated very quickly, but I wouldn't serve this to guests without warning. That's why there is no 'guideline on this--it isn't a reccomended practice. I think the person who reccomended just adding the sauce to the pan and simmering has the right idea. It would only take between 5 to 10 minutes to finish the cooking when they were still hot after the initial sear. Overcooked boneless chicken breasts are so depressing.

              1. I agree that i would not cook partial, fridge and then start again.

                I am a little confused in that you said they were pounded them thin and then sauteed but they are not completely cooked through. This is a little confusing since it should not take more than a couple of minutes per side to cook pounded chicken breast through in a pan.

                Cook through now and reheat tonight.

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                  Thanks everyone. Just to clarify, I did a quick sautee after coating with the Wondra. So they were still pink inside. I eventually baked at 375 and found that they were nicely finished after 20 minutes in the oven. However, the end result was not great beacuse 1. There was no initial browning on the crust 2. The leftover sauce was too heavy/rich for the breasts 3. Chicken breast have very little flavor!!! All in all the meal ranked pretty far down on the scale. At least we did not get sick! Next time will ask questions here before starting the cooking process. Thanks to all!