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Feb 18, 2007 12:41 PM

Need place for lunch with parents near Weston

Any ideas for comfortable lunch with parents? We are north. They are Wayland. Somewhere close for them is best. They like Luigis but its dinner only. I dont like Newton Marriot. I dont mind the little luncheonette in Weston Center but dont think its their favorite. Prefer to stick more toward 128 and not shlep into Natick/Framingham. Is there anything else convenient for both of us? Thanks!

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  1. Pava in Newton Centre might be a fun place to go:

    1. How about J J MacKay's in Cochituate/Wayland? Nice, friendly casual spot.

      1. thanks for the recs. Newton center may be too far out for my parents to drive.. My parents go to JJ MKay all the time for dinner. I thought we should go there but mom didnt respond to the suggestion. I think maybe they want something they dont always go to..

        1. I just suggested Pava as you mentioned the Newton Marriot, which isn't really that far away, you could get to Pava down Commonwealth or Beacon.

          1. Go to Moody street in Waltham, right off 128. Many many choices. Loads of Indian, Mexican/Salvadoren, Chinese, Italian. Gemeli's is a nice sit down family restaurant. Food's ok with standard red sauce stuff to please everyone.