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Good hole-in-the-walls in Reseda/Northridge area?

I'm scouting out all of the good (fairly cheap) non-corporate places to eat around the valley, particularly around the Reseda/Northridge area which is where I live. I've found places like Kings, Homeplate Burgers, Cupids, Daglas, Holiday Burger, Cavarretta's and some others. Any good recommendations?

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  1. iF YOU CAN MAKE IT TO Chatsworth, there is a heavenly...family owned Southern cooking place that has wonderful fried chicken; in fact, everything is wonderful!
    Just wish I could remember the name--but, if you get to Topanga Canyon Blvd...turn right and it's about two blocks on your right.
    Also, a very good Mexican restaurant in the same block (or blocks).

    1. The southern restaurant is Les Sisters and it is on Devonshire west of de Soto. I love their food. Lunch is a total bargain. My favorites include smothered pork chops(so good!) fried crawfish (fantastic and a very large portion) and their unsweetened lemonade. I believe the other restaurant that Shari2005 is talking about is Los Toros. I love their mexican food too and the free bean dip and chips are addicting. Brents Deli is off of Parthenia and Corbin and I think it's the best deli around. If you like all you can eat asian food you might want to check out L.A. Buffet. They have sushi and a mongolian BBQ and its very inexpensive for lunch.

      1. That homemade tofu place near Sherman Way and Reseda...help me out guys....REALLY good vegetarian Vietnamese.

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            YUM! You bet, its Vinh Loi and sooooo good.

        1. I'll second the rec for Les Sisters. Also nearby is Woodlands for some great South Indian vegetarian.

          My favorite Vietnamese joint is Pho So 1 there in Reseda (is this the one you're thinking of, running_pig?).

          Dos Arbolitos is a great Mexican place on Woodley in North Hills.

          1. Thanks, I gotta check them out. How about good Mediterranean (not sure if that's the right country) with good pita bread and hummus? I work in North Hollywood and pass by a lot of places that look really good, but haven't tried them out.

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              Falafel Palace or Pita Pocket; both on Reseda Blvd, both family run, both are most excellent. If you're looking for falafel in particular, I would recommend The Palace. If you're looking for shawarma, Pita Pocket is quite good; plus they make a laffa in house that is to die for.

            2. It is definitely a hole in the wall but pretty darn good....Falafel Palace on Reseda. :-)

              1. E&E Curry House - - - Reseda/Roscoe - same strip center as California Chicken Cafe - 2nd floor - AWESOME

                1. If you want a treat get over to Top Thai on Reseda Blvd. (7333 Reseda/818 705 8902 and CLOSED ON WEDNESDAY) to sample their Northern Thai dishes. When you get the menu go to the back pages where they list "house specials" and there are some really different, delicious and totally intoxicating items to be found there.

                  They have a satay made with broad slabs of pork that have enough garlic to protect you from vampires for the rest of the year called mu-ping. They also have some other grilled meats and sausages that are Northern specialties along with some excellent noodle dishes and a pasta dish clled chow soy that is something found in small shops in Chang Mai.

                  A great place and their prices run from $5.50 to around $12.

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                    Top Thai is fantastic. I agree that the Northern Thai dishes on the back page of the menu are not to be missed. The restaurant doesn't look like much from the outside, but don't let that deter you. It is actually quite nice inside, and the family who runs it are lovely people. Great food, nice people and reasonable prices, all in Reseda. It's a real gem.

                  2. Another thai place, Siam Cuisine on San Fernando Mission and Balboa in Granada Hills. They have the best garlic pork and spicy squid salad that I've ever had.

                    1. Sanam Luong is a great thai place too.

                      1. Sandwich Express in Reseda on Sherman Way/Reseda Blvd for cheap Vietnamese sandwiches on freshly baked French baguettes. 12 inch subs for under $3.

                        Kyushu Ramen off of Sherman Way/Van Nuys Blvd. for Japanese ramen under $10.

                        Mandarin Deli in Northridge on Reseda for Chinese noodles.

                        1. Emle's 9250 Reseda Blvd (818) 772-2203-open 7am-8pm or later. It is across the street from Mandarin Deli (mentioned in previous post) and A&W Seafood (Chinese and dim sum.) They have a fantastic funnel cake french toast that has been a legend in Carmel for 30 years or so. Lunch and dinner are a variety of items including seafood. Watch out for heavy garlic in everything.

                          1. Thanks for the replies, I gotta check these places out.