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Jun 21, 2005 01:03 PM

Bakesale Betty

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Just returned from the Alameda Farmer's market and Betty has reappeared after many months of being gone. Actually it was her husband but said they would continue to be there and were happy to be back. Betty is, of course, busy at the store. He noted that as time goes on they will be trying to have not only sweets but some savory dishes like chicken pot pie.

Today there were several differnt kinds of scones, banana bread, a very tasty brownie and the wonderful shortcakes that go perfectly with the strawberries offered at the market.

So, for those of you who find it difficult to get to the store, perhaps heading to a farmer's market can be your solution.

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  1. ...and meanwhile, back at the store...today's scones were raisin/orange, almond/apricot, and rhubarb/?. I had one of the raisin, and one of the almond. Both good, but the balance of the almond/apricot of sweet/salty/almondy was amazing.

    Also got a brownie, which I'm still working on. Very good, nice strong chocolate flavor. And huge.

    "Betty" said they're waiting for the phone to be hooked up, but should be soon. Also, she said she often is staying open in the evenings because she has stuff to do, and it allows the diners from Dona Tomas/Pizzaiolo to drift in.

    So if you're in the area after hours, try drifting by. I'm so happy my wonderful neighborhood is turning into a little food mecca!

    1. Looking at the Blue Bottle Coffee site, it seems that when Bakesale Betty starts serving coffee, it will be Blue Bottle.

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        I dropped into Betty's this evening at 6:30, and told her I'd heard she had rhubarb scones. " Yes! -- rhubarb and orange, would you like a sample?" My new favorite words. I had planned on buying a couple of 'em for breakfast tomorrow, but since I had now scored a freebie, I hastily grabbed a loaf of banana bread ($6.50) instead (will try in the morning). The scone was delicious, could have used an extra soupcon of grated orange rind perhaps, and was a teensy bit undercooked in the middle, but that was all part of its homemade charm. I was expecting to find it too sweet, based on comments here, especially since I have an under-developed sweet tooth, but it was just right.

        She told me about the forthcoming "Australian pot pies with pastry underneath too" (Lamingtons?), lunchtime pressed sandwiches and Bluebottle coffee, and was pleased to note that no, I wasn't from the neighborhood but had still heard good stuff about her and made a special trip.