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Feb 18, 2007 11:30 AM

Fresh Lasagna Noodles

I would like to experiment with fresh lasagna noodles. Is it necessary to boil them first?


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  1. No--I just did it thanks to advice from this board and didn't boil first. It was great but I have to say it was better after it cooled and then I reheated. The flavors had a chance to meld and the noodles absorbed all the extra liquid. I used a bechamel sauce, not ricotta.

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    1. if using an atlas, i have found the second thinnest setting works nicely, into the constructed lasagne and into the oven.

      I am experimenting with semolina in the dough as well. I like a 1/3 semolina base dough for the pasta

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        Thanks--it was your suggestions that helped me last time. I used the second to the last setting and it worked fine. I think I will try the semolina next time. My noodles didn't absorb enough of the sauce after baking. When it was reheated, it was great because it had a chance to absorb it all. I'll be the semolina would help. Just what I need is to add another flour to my vast collection.