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Feb 18, 2007 10:18 AM

the whole fish fried (more or less west side)

unable as yet to find a great and simple place to have a cleanly prepared (people who actually change their oil daily) whole fried fish, such as a red snapper or trout. i've tried the cuban place on sepulveda towards inglewood but their's was a little soggy rather than crispy.

any one discovered fish gold?

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  1. Not on the west side, but Ranch 99 markets will fry fish for you.

    I also love the whole fried fish at Krua Thai. I sometimes get the Fish 4 Ways to go. It comes with the sauce in a container and the fried fish separate. I sometimes nibble on the fried fish alone, but I always give in and pour the sauce over the top. It's so good. In the restaurant, the fish is served together with the sauce. The type of fish changes for that dish, but I think you can get a whole fried catfish and tilapia.

    1. I love the whole fried trout at Meals By Genet. It takes 40 minutes to prepare so it's good to call ahead. The skin is super crispy and the flesh is meltingly tender.

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        Second this rec! Very tasty and fried to order so it's very crispy and fresh.

      2. I remember a place by Sony called La Huachinanga are something along those lines, who had a whole fried red snapper. I personally love whole red snapper fried, and most Mexican seafood joints will have it.

        Currently, I get my fix at La Paz in Calabasas.

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          Probably thinking of Mi Ranchito which is still in existance but moved from Culver City farther west into the Mar Vista area. They feature Veracruz style cooking which has the whole fried red snapper with garlic as a center piece of their cuisine.

          12223 W Washington Blvd
          Los Angeles, CA 90066

          (310) 398-6106

          1. re: tony michaels

            No, the poster is thinking of a restaurant that is across the street from Trader Joe's in Culver City. I think it's called Pacifico's and they serve fish, ostensibly in some Baja California style. It's been mentioned on this board before and I think the reviews are so-so.

            Mi Ranchito would seem to be a much better option.

            1. re: glutton

              Oh yes, Pacifico's. Horrible. Went twice and had terrible food both times and never looked back.

              1. re: tony michaels

                It looks like one of those restaurants that has a business plan and a bunch of investors behind it hoping that they could build a chain on the "concept." Unfortunately, that "concept" did not include good food that is genuinely prepared.

        2. i'm concerned that the fish be top notch and fresh, as well as the cooking oil. most places don't change it often and that is totally gross to me. or they use cheap oil, like coconut oil.

          so it has to be somewhere that fries several a day, is known for it, and takes pride in their freshness and cleanliness, like a great sushi bar.

          1. Whole fried catfish with ponzu, ginger, and cilantro at Shiro in South Pasadena