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Feb 18, 2007 10:13 AM

Side or salad w/ Grandma's Spaghetti & meatballs?

Hi all,

Inspired by the recent Weight Watchers discussion, I'd like to serve a vegetable side with classic spaghetti and meatballs to balance the meal. I have trouble imagining veggie sides that go well with a hearty pasta dish--ideas?

Here's what's in my fridge/cupboard:
boston lettuce
romaine lettuce
a red bell pepper
snap peas
sweet potatoes
frozen peas, frozen chopped spinach, frozen sweet corn
walnuts, pecans, other nuts
dried cherries, cranberries
assorted vinegars & oils


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  1. A great side to Italian food is Swiss Chard sauteed with garlic.

    1. Chard sounds yummy!

      My go-to side dish is always carrots -- you can do them sweet (glazed with honey/brown sugar/maple syrup) or savory (with sauteed onions, garlic and parsley), or even tart (with lemon or orange juice). One nice thing about carrots is that you can make them in advance: prep them and steam them, then reheat them in the pan with the glaze or sauteed aromatics. They also hold in a heatproof dish in the oven quite well.

      1. can't get with carrots and spaghetti and meat balls. need something green for color balance. i'd go with a simple salad (selections from your list below) to start, or (my favorite) after, to cleanse the palate.

        boston lettuce
        romaine lettuce
        a red bell pepper
        assorted vinegars & oils

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          It doesn't get any better than spaghetti with a nice salad on the side. I wonder is there a way to do lower fat (in deference to the WW) Creamy Italian dressing. LOVE this dressing when eating salad with a nice hearty pasta.

          1. re: wonderwoman

            Wonderwoman suggested exactly what I was thinking of. Nothing goes better with spaghetti (IMHO) than a nice salad. You might even want to put some shredded carrot on the top of the salad for some additional color contrast.

          2. we always had a simple green salad with a light vinaigrette -- after the pasta.

            1. thank you for your suggestions--i think i will serve the green salad suggested by wonderwoman with the shredded carrot atop per Ted, and after the pasta course per hotoy. ruth, i love carrots too but i find it difficult to plate a cooked veggie with pasta--we love our pasta in big bowls. i will steal your sweet carrots idea tho--sounds delicious!

              any suggestions for dressings for wonderwoman's salad? i'm sick of my old standby balsamic vinaigrette (works nicely with baby greens but with romaine? not so much). also not big on creamy dressings b/c i and SO don't like mayo. thanks again!