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Feb 18, 2007 10:10 AM

Recommendations around HUP?

I have to spend some time at HUP tomorrow. Any suggestions for where I could get lunch in the area?

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  1. Recommend a lunch truck - Magic Carpet on Spruce, right next to hospital at 36th - great vegetarian chili, ask for cheese and hot sauce on top! Or walk down 34th, crossing Spruce and Walnut and take a left on Sansom - Bubble House, White Dog Cafe, a pub with good hamburgers. Or across from HUP Gates Bldg entrance try UPenn's Houston Market cafeteria in basement of Houston Hall. Really good made to order salads and pasta. Sandwiches made to order with bread from LeBus. Good luck - Robin

    1. I am looking for a Sunday night dinner in this area. We are staying at Emb Suites near by and I would like old school non-tourist Italian or Bistro?? Any assistance is appreciated. MH

      1. Embassy Suites on the Franklin Parkway isn't close to HUP at all. Other side of the river and north. If I were you I'd take a cab and hit Osteria, but you'll want to call ahead to make sure you can get a table. The place is only a week old, but is getting rave reviews.

        Not much info there, but if you do a google search, you'll find some good stuff.

        1. Anywhere but HUP cafeteria! Depending on how much time you have, the restaurants on Sansom St, just off 36th, like White Dog would all be pleasant, or NAN, at 40th and Walnut for a more upscale experience. Bargain delish lunch specials at Pattaya Grille, a couple of doors up from NAN also excellent.

          Trucks would provide a better lunch than cafeteria though. If time is very limited, and you want to experiment with Children's Hospital Cafeteria next door it might be a little pleasanter. Maybe.