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Feb 18, 2007 10:09 AM

Sushi (Toronto King or Queen W)

Having waded through search results for the past 15 minutes, I must say that searching this site sucks so here is yet another "What's a good sushi place?" thread. So we're looking for a good sushi place on King or Queen from University over to Bathurst. It would also be nice if the place does other things than just sushi as I don't care for sushi. Take out would also be a good option.

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  1. HoSu Bistro on Queen, kitty-corner to the CityTV building, does some delicious sushi and maki. They also have lots of soups and korean dishes if you don't like sushi.

    1. Ematai, on St.Patrick (1 or 2 blocks W of University on Queen) is an excellent authentic Japanese resto. They do more than just sushi too i.e hot foods. Reasonably priced. Looks really nice too. Dark and has tatami flooring in some areas.
      Toshi, at King/Spadina (probably a few blocks west of Spadina) is also another great Japanese restaurant.

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        I second Toshi - its a few buildings west of Portland on King.

      2. If you like Japanese fusion, check out Blowfish at King/Bathurst. I've been tons of times and really enjoy the sushi there (even if the maki is on the small side). There are also tons of non-sushi choices.

        It may be a bit more upscale than you're looking for, but I wanted to throw it out there anyways.