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Feb 18, 2007 09:36 AM

Here's My Paris List WDYT?

Starting next Thursday with a night in Chablis visiting friends. Then the following :
Friday : Dominique - Bouchet 8th ( awaiting confirmation)
Saturday : Le Ferrandaise 6th
Sunday: Le Timgad 17th
Monday: Chez Gabrielle 7th
Tuesday: Ze Kitchen Galerie 6th
Wednesday: L'Os a Moelle 15th
Thursday:Cave Lanzerac 17th
Friday: Hiramatsu 16th
We have rented an apartment in 6th for the week and have made many visits to Paris in past . We have enjoyed everything from Au Petite Tonneau to Au Bon Accueil to Lucas Carton ( alas when it was ) We have not experienced any of the restaurants on this list. Any comments welcomed Merci

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  1. Well, I surely hope that while you are in Chablis you will get to dine at Hostellerie des Clos! What yummy food, and lovely ambiance!

    I'm not familiar with any of the Paris places you listed. There are SO many great places to dine there.

    1. Yes that is our destination for the first evening Ate there a couple of years back and it was unforgettable Confession: the majority of the Paris restos booked are recs from the concierge service associated with the apartment rental so I am hopeful we will discover a few new hidden gems !!

      1. I have heard very good things from my foodie friends about your T/W/F choices. I think your concierge did very well for you!

        1. Capeanne, what did you think of La Ferrandaise? We went in mid-February and definitely preferred it to our other dinner choice the second night, La Petit Pontoise. We found La Ferrandaise to be a warm, intimate and relaxing place; small and filled with friendly Parisians. The food was excellent - fresh ingredients skilfully executed and absolutely spot-on delicious - with a well-thought out menu and good service. We'd love to go back on our next visit to Paris!

          1. I have been to Dominique Bouchet, Ze Kitchen Galerie and L'Os a Moelle. All are wonderful choices, but for me, the do not miss place is L'Os a Moelle--great with innovative food, a lovely wine list and excellent value for money. Across the street is the Cave a L'Os a Moelle another wonderful place to eat. Ze Kitchen Galerie is a favourite, although sometimes I hear the service is a little haughty (something, I have not experienced). It is a favourite of John Talbot, over at eGullet. Dominique Bouchet is more upscale and is a restaurant not a bistro. Delicious food is served by another well trained chef.

            You might add to your list the innovative and delightful one star, Chez Jean. It is run by former Taillevant people and the food and wine and service are wonderful.