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Smitty's or Black's?

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We're heading to Lockhart today for some BBQ and need to know if we should choose Smitty's or Black's. Any opinions?

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  1. I like Black's for brisket and Smitty's for ribs, sausage, and atmosphere. I sometimes prefer the ribs at Kreuz market. Others hate the Smitty's ribs because they are sauced. People also get excited about the prime rib and pork chops at both Smitty's and Kreuz, but I tend to enjoy the brisket and pork ribs, respectively, more than the higher-end meats. These and every other possible facet of the Lockhart experience have been endlessly debated here, so you should be able to turn up lots of good info. But I think it will be hard to go wrong.

    1. I gotta go with Black's. Really, really great 'que.

      1. That's a loaded question on this board. You'll probably want to go to both if you are going out there.

          1. Blacks has the best brisket. Smitty's has better sausage. Kreuz's ribs are better, but for those, you are better off going to City Market in Luling.

            Short answer? Both. Better answer: 3 places!

            1. Amen, yen!

              If you're making the trip you should be a completist.

              I've yet to hit Kreuz, but the other 3 totally rock.

              1. Just returned from a short trip to Austin week or so ago. We hit both Smitty's and City Market. I am a big fan of Smitty's because of its smoke room and the old butcher shoppe which has been maintained like a museum. Their ribs are just OK and their brisket was great. city market visit was our first and we thought it was great with superior sausage links and ribs. Brisket was about a tie. have been to Black's and thought it was great too but it is more of a restaurant than the other two which are really market/family style places.

                I suggest you go to all of them and just have a little sample from each. Kreuz was OK too but it reminded us of a large hockey rink.