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Canned salmon

What do I do with it? I bought it because I like salmon and I thought I could bring it for lunch--Any suggestions?

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  1. Bring it for lunch? Do you mean to work or to a party? If you mean work, it makes a decent sandwich. Add mayo, lemon juice, capers and minced red onion. I've also made salmon cakes. However the recipe (from Cooking Light) is only so-so. I'm sure there's a better one out there.

    1. I treat it like canned tuna, except that it has some flavor.

      1. A slightly boring but quick and reliable weekday standby: salmon patties

        - drain salmon, put in a mixing bowl and remove any bones/skin/excess fat (they're edible, but I'd usually rather just take them out)
        - mix in an egg, and some seasonings (for example, a teaspoon or two of mustard and some herbs and capers; or some horseradish and dill; or fish sauce and green onions; or a spicy indian pickle with some of the oil; very finely minced onion or shallot goes well with most of these, too).
        - add breadcrumbs, flour, or matzo meal and mix (i start with about an 1/8 to 1/4 of a cup of crumbs, mix and let sit 5 mins, and add more if it still seems kind of liquidy. It would take less flour, but I don't know how much one would need, offhand).
        - heat oil, form into small flat patties and fry. drain on paper towels, and serve with lemon wedges

        I suspect I'm not the only one that grew up with the simplest possible version of these (salt and pepper as the seasonings, served with a bottle of plastic squeeze lemon on the table). But, with some more interesting seasonings, they're not half bad. (I mean, this in a good way!)
        They could be made into burger size patties, too, I suppose.

        And, they work well in a lunchbox (can even put them in a sandwich with lettuce, mayo, etc.) but be warned that canned salmon does smell kind of strong. (both during frying and also in the lunchbox)

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          I like to make salmon patties with sweet potatoes added - a variation on the east coast cod cake I think, but yum!

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            another_adam, this looked so good that I actually went to Costco (shout-out to howboy) and created a household surplus of canned salmon so I could try it. These are GOOD. As far as I can recall, I mixed in capers, pearl onions, garlic, rosemary, dill, paprika, mustard and chopped walnuts. The "bread crumbs" were part corn flour (don't know if that's different than corn meal exc. for being very finely ground). Thanks for the idea!

            I think I will try JennaL's sweet potato idea [above] next...

          2. We always had salmon patties [called them croquettes] as a kid. We ate them with "special sauce" which was a mix of mayo and ketchup. {Like thousand island or McD's special sauce}.

            My recipe is similar to adams above, except I mix in dried chives, dried dill, celery seeds. Also, I dip the pattie in bread crumbs just before I pan fry it to give outside extra crisp coating.

            My 21 year old son still loves these and will request them as first meal when he visits!

            1. Also, trying doing a stuffed tomato with salmon salad. Mix salmon with mayo, diced: green bell peppers, celery, onions and dried dill and put into a nice ripe tomato that you have scouped out the innards, leaving just the shell. Serve with sliced cukes, carrots, lettuce, lemon wedge or special sauce [see above]. This is especially nice in summer when the tomatoes are at their finest.

              1. canned salmon is fine for salmon salad sandwiches (use your imagination, there are as many recipes as for tuna salad), and its also a great simple fix in an omelet, atop a green salad, or in a pasta dish (like pasta with oil and garlic tossed with salmon, capers, and walnuts and topped with grated pecorino).

                1. The canned salmon, arugula, sun dried tomatoes (whole ones or use Trader's Joe's s. dried tomato spread) on Amy's bread/peasant bread/multi-grain bread.

                  1. i'm making these tonight, actually - same basic recipe as another adam -- i also used fresh oregano/basil, penzey's florida seasoned pepper, extra black pepper, smoked paprika and garlic powder. not only do i add bread crumbs to the mix, after i form the patties i also dip in flour and/or corn starch for extra crunchiness.

                    i'll squeeze a key lime over them when finished and every picks their own sauce (hot sauce, ketchup, tartar) from the fridge. i always serve salmon patties with either mac n cheese or some other type of cheesy pasta and a green veg. (just cause that's how my mom always made it i guess)

                    i've also made them with curry powder as the main seasoning and they're quite tasty that way too.

                    1. My dad eats it right out of the can. Well, on a plate but nothing else. Just picks away at it. He loves it.


                      1. Old Bay Seasoning is good with salmon too, forgot about that!

                        1. stir fry it with some rice, a tiny bit of soy sauce, kimchi, egg and you will have a mess of kimchi bokkeum bap with salmon.

                          my family also made salmon cakes growing up, especially my grandmother who is from western maryland.

                          salmon, mayo or egg, some crushed up ritz crackers, salt and pepper.

                          1. For a very quick dinner I often turn to a can of salmon (straight out of the tin) with brown rice, steamed broccolini and mango pickle (hot) on the side.

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                              When I was a kid, my mother used to make a version of chicken a la king, using canned salmon, Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, and frozen mixed vegetables. She served it atop patty shells purchased at a local bakery. We loved it!

                              For some reason, canned salmon (always red sockeye) was a staple in our Montreal home when I was growing up, but canned tuna did not enter the picture until I was a teenager.

                              Aside from "salmon a la king" we grew up on salmon patties (called salmon cukletten), which both my grandmother and my mother made with matzo meal inside and as a coating. Salmon sandwiches, made with Miracle Whip and onion powder, were lunchbox staples. My mother also made what our family called "geshmorgeteh salmon salads", which consisted of mashed canned salmon tossed with iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onion powder, and lots of Miracle Whip.

                              I still love a good salmon melt (like a tuna melt), and a salmon salad sandwich with tomato, onion and lettuce on kimel or pumpernickel bread.

                            2. I make salmon salad like tuna salad, and I do NOT remove anything but the biggest flabbiest wads of skin. I LOVE those bones! Just salmon, fine-chopped celery and onion, maybe some chopped dill pickle and enough mayo to bind. You can have that as is on a bowl of green salad, crackers, or a sandwich, or you can beat in an egg and cracker crumbs to a moldable consistency for fried salmon cakes (I also roll them in panko crumbs before frying). My venue of choice for those is on my breakfast plate, with a couple of over-easy eggs drooling all over them. Yum, yum.

                              1. There's an easy salad that I've made before with canned salmon, firm cold tofu cubes, chopped green onion, chopped tomatoes and for the dressing (soy sauce, lemon, oil), topped with warmed sesame seed oil. It's pretty nutritious and yummy too.

                                1. I like a creative salmon salad as all have mentioned but then just spread on crackers rather then a sandwich - fun for lunch. Easy dipping too with celery if your trying to stay light at lunch at work.

                                  1. I often make canned salmon for dinner. I mix it with some non-fat greek yogurt and ginger dressing, and lately have been adding chopped hearts of palm to it. I serve it on one slice of toasted sprouted bread, and love it for a quick, casual, healthy meal. In fact, think I'll make that tonight...

                                    1. any recommendations on brand?

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                                        michka, I've been eating canned salmon forever, and have yet to find a U.S. brand that's as flavourful as the Canadian brands (Clover Leaf, Gold Seal, etc.). And among canned salmon, I think the red sockeye is far superior to others.

                                        By the way, the soft bones in canned salmon mash up really easily and provide lots of calcium.

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                                            I believe that the Kirkland brand is from farmed Atlantic salmon, though I don't have any right now and could be wrong. It tastes fine, but I think the wild caught pacific red salmon from Trader Joe's is better.

                                        1. This is my husband's recipe for "Salmon Ball"
                                          Mix together: a can of salmon, a block of cream cheese, some chopped red onion, a tbsp of lemon juice and perhaps a little horseradish if you like things more exciting. Form into a ball and roll the ball in some chopped walnuts and chopped parsley. Serve with crackers.

                                          1. ooooooh, love that - thank you. bet capers would be good in it too.

                                            1. I began using hot and spicy pork rinds crushed for breading when my husband was on the Atkins diet. I still make my salmon patties that way - I add crushed ones to the mixture and coat them with more. Also, he likes some chopped chipotles in his.Make them as hot as you like.