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Feb 18, 2007 09:19 AM

Taquerias in the Irving area?

I will start the list off with Taqueria Arandas ( ...they have pretty decent tacos ($1.25 each) and tortas. They are located right on 183 Westbound and McArthur. The habernero pepper laced Salsa you get at the begining is pretty good too.

I have been going to the same place for a while and wanted to branch out...any ideas?

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  1. El Regio (MacArthur and Shady Grove). I believe it's a small chain from Austin, TX.

    I wouldn't call this a Taqueria, but you must try this place at least once. Their specialty is marinated chargrilled chicken and it's the best rotisserie chicken I've ever had. I'm not 100% sure what spices they put in the marinade/rub, but the chicken is a reddish color (Annatto, maybe?). As a bonus, their borracho beans are also some of the best I've had with chunks of sausage, bacon, and sliced jalapenos in them. I always have to sift through and pull out all of the pork fat out before I eat them, but I'm sure that's what makes them so good.

    It's also a heck of a deal. For $10.99, you get a whole chicken, a stack of corn tortillas (I'm not sure if they're made in-house, but they are fresh tasting and tender), a whole grilled onion, borracho beans, and Spanish rice (standard, but decent). You can also order a 1/2 chicken meal for half the price.

    Their red salsa is fresh, but isn't anything special. The green sauce IS special. I'm not sure the name, but it's a pureed thick sauce that looks like a very light colored guacamole. It may have some avocado in it, but mostly habanero chilies I think. Hot but very tasty.

    The other dishes are also good. The Carne Asada has a wonderful marinade and is grilled and cut into little chunks. It's actually quite lean, somewhat tender, and not at all greasy.

    The chicken soup contains a whole chicken (with bones) in a delicious spicy broth.

    The shredded chicken tostada is made of two tostada shells witha huge portion of very tasty shredded chicken sandwiched inside. It's topped with guacamole, cheese, and sour cream. The corn tostada shell is much thicker than what I'm used to, but it looks and tastes like they make these from scratch.

    They also have a Mole chicken that is interesting. I'm not a big fan of Mole, so I'm not sure how theirs compares to others.

    My husband and I love this place so much that we drive to Irving from Dallas once a week to pick up an order of chicken and carne asada. Our friends like it so much also that lately they come over once a week for "El Regio" night.

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      Thanks so much for the fantastic recommendation!! We went there yesterday and were just blown away by the chicken.....incredibly good!!

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        Glad you liked it. I'm hoping that if they do well enough, they can one day open some other locations!