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Feb 18, 2007 09:13 AM

Beautiful new coffee grinder woes...

My husband bought me a lovely burr coffee grinder for Christmas, just what I had been wanting. But alas! It makes a horrible mess and spews coffee grounds all over the counter! (Well, okay, that's an exaggeration, but it is quite annoying!) It seems to be getting worse. The plastic cup that the grounds go into seems to be developing a static charge that causes the grounds not to just go neatly into the bottom of the cup, but to cling to every surface, and then jump off when I pull the cup out.

I'm not really a neat person, so wiping up the grounds every time I make a cup of coffee is not really the solution I am looking for. I'm much more into system change and prevention... Any advice?? What can I do about this static problem??? Other ideas? (I'm thinking of putting the whole thing on a tray, but the little cup slides out, and the lip of the first tray I tried blocks it...)

It's a Starbucks grinder, bean reservoir on top, grinder cup at the bottom, don't know if the brand makes any difference.

Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. I have been having the same issue! Here is a post I made over the summer... not many answers...

    1. Thanks, ponyboy. I guess there is no problem so seemingly obscure that it hasn't happened to many others before.

      I'm wondering, apropos of the humidity comment, if my problem has gotten significantly worse since the weather turned bitter cold, and the humidity presumably went down in my house. And so maybe this is really seasonal?? Can anyone comment on this? (Anyone in Seattle, say, not having this problem because it is always humid?)

      I don't know about the zapper thing. Laundry dryer cloths, I can try that. Removing the cup s-l-o-w-l-y, can't promise to remember that before the first cup of coffee, but thereafter, yeah.

      Glad to know I'm not the only one, anyhow!

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        I don't think this problem is that obscure. I really like my Capresso burr grinder, but yes, it does seem to suffer from "static cling", the other thing I noticed is that the "cup" that receives the ground coffee tends to "wiggle out" of its slot when the grinder is running (probably due to some vibrations) and that allows for the grinds to sneak out and cling to the outside of the cup and the grinder, so I usually try to use my finger to push the cup up tight in its slot, but that is not a perfect solution.

        Seems to me that the real solution would be for the manufacturers to use a three prong power cord, and ground the whole machine.

      2. My otherwise lovely Melitta does that too. I always though it was the reason it was on sale on for $5, but I guess it's not the only grinder that does that. I don't mind; it forces me to wipe the counter.

        1. If you can't find a solution here, you might want to try searching or asking over at It's a very useful site.

          1. My burr grinder does the same "static" thing, but does not spew coffee all over, so I have just lived with it.