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Feb 18, 2007 09:09 AM

Iowa City: Where to buy meat?

Over the years I have frequented various places for meat. Most recently I got hooked on Taits - especially their usda prime NY strip steaks. I've been spoiled and with Taits now closed I am at a loss. I know where to get cheap meat but for high-end Haights Meat Market, HyVee and the Co-Op just aren't cutting it. Who should I try? I will drive a bit (eg Cedar Rapids) if need be.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I suggest you try the local meat lockers like Ruzickas or Buds.

        1. I'll give them a try. Do you know if either have USDA prime? Do you have a preference?

          My one experience with a local locker (Tiffin) was not worth repeating but that was many years ago.

          1. They can get whatever you like if it's not on hand. Prime is great but I've noticed in my restaurant that most guests cannot tell the difference between it and choice.

            The best thing about using them is the ability to connect with local farmers, many of whom will raise according to your specs, and raise particular breeds on particular feeds if you ask nicely enough.

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              Depends on what you are doing with the meat. For a NY Strip cooked rare or medium rare on the grill, I can definitely tell the difference. Thanks for the tips. David

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                Sure, you and I can, but I found lots who can't. At any rate, since you like yours coked properly, you really should look to local, grassfed beef. One other good and convenient local source is Wholesome Harvest ( Lots of different meats, all locally grown, organic and seasonal. The company is owned by the growers.