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Feb 18, 2007 08:31 AM

Seeking moderately priced Italian restaurant - North Shore

Looking for good Italian food, moderately priced in Beverly, Salem, Peabody, Danvers, etc. area.

Going for dinner tonight, so Cafe Grazziani is out (closed for dinner on Sundays.)

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Toscana Ristorante in Peabody. Search it here, i wrote up about it a few days ago. Also Calitri in Danvers. They have a website and theres a little from me here on them too. Where is Grazziani? and thanks for keeping me from checking out Wardhurst! I was curious too. I looked inside but didnt eat there.. Also Wakefield has Ristorante Molise and Portobello.

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      Cafe Grazziani is on washington st in Salem - they do have a web site. It has been around, literally, forever. Food is easy, inexpensive and consistently pretty good. Not stellar, but good and consistent. At least worth checking out.

    2. Ristorante Molise in Wakefield is a sure hit!! LOVE the food- the service is always friendly and the prices are great!

      1. Can't remember the name, but nice Italian restaurant in Salem right across the street from Hawthorne Hotel bar.

        1. Zabaglione in Ipswich --they also have a smaller cafe next door.

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            I wouldn't really call this an Italian Restaurant. Menu is not what you might expect.

            Zabaglione Restaurant
            10 Central St, Ipswich, MA 01938

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              Whoa, that's a huge bump for this thread! The OP was looking for suggestions for a night out......three and a half years ago. :-D

              But hey, when in Rome.....for moderately priced Italian north of Boston, I like Alia in Winthrop.

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                Talk about waking up the dead... Donatello's in the Danvers area on rt 1 is OK. I like Zabagloine in Ipswich very diverse menu but, no bargains there. For me it's Rino's in Eastie for old school Italian.

          2. Tonino's on Hamilton Street in Saugus. Tivoli's on Exchange Street in Malden.