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best italian fairfield/new haven county, ct?

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Hello, Looking for your opinions on the best Italian restaurant in and around new haven & fairfield counties...thanks for your help!

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    1. My favorite right now in Fairfield County is Pasquale's Osteria in Norwalk.

      Other faves, in no particular order, are:

      Pasta Nostra-SoNo
      Mona Lisa -Stamford
      Quattro Pazzi-Norwalk
      Via Sforza-Norwalk (though I think they are moving to Westport)

      1. skappo in new haven. no chicken parm or spaghetti...real italian food.

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            How long have they been open???

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              Anyone else have feedback about Biagio's? It looks great! How have I never heard about this? Well, their site does say, "CT's best little secret?!"

          2. I'll throw in the usual vote for Roseland Apizza in Derby. Pizza and regular food -- both are great, IMO.

            1. I've been to Biagio's in Stratford, and it's quite good.

              But- in my opinion, it's Tuscany, in Bridgeport. (Yes! Bridgeport!) The menu itself is pretty good, but don't even look at the menu until you listen to the dozen or so appetizer specials, all of which are ultra-fresh and ultra-seasonal and the dozen or so entree specials, which are similarly fresh. I went there in a group with 5 other colleagues and everything from beginning to end was nothing short of spectacular. Truly. It will rock your world.

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                I cannot ditto redfox enough about Tuscany and the specials. Great little place with fantastic food.

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                  Tuscany is great. Also down the street is La Scogliera which is true old school Mom and Pop Bridgeport Italian.

                  La Scogliera Restaurant - 697 Madison Ave

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                    My beau and I like Tuscany alot. Those inventive, fresh pasta dishes are something, aren't they? Why can't places closer down the line to NY do a similar set-up?

                    What other amazing mom & pop type Italian places does everyone like? I've always liked Salerno's in Stratford - it's the fresh raviolis that get me there.

                    Went to Biago's for the first time today and it was Heaven!!!

                  2. I went to Tuscany last night. I was underwhelmed. The food was mediocre, the service was slow and uneven and the wine list was way over priced. But I did see k.d. Lang there.

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                      I whent to Biagio's today for dinner on your recomendations OHHHMYYYYGODDDD It was orgasmic, I feel like I just lost my virginity LOL. The service was like a high line cruise ship and the food got better and better all the way to the dessert ( home made cannolis and Mille Di Biago).

                      Thank You

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                        YES! YES! YES!
                        Homemade cannolis, I got those too. My god is this place good! I had a long conversation with the Polish waiter who moved here after working on a cruise ship with Biagio to open the place, isn't that funny you mention cruise ship? You are reminding me that I need to go again this week. What else did you have Lisa?

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                          I cruise often and it reminded me on how they treat you on the ships, you dont really hear sir or madamm unless your on a cruise ship. We had for apps the eggplant Rollatini, it was so good the outside was crispy(never had crispy rollatini) and the center was moist with the prosciutto di parrma. then we had the gnocchi dish as app as well they were very light and you could tell they were hand made in house. the best was the main course which i never usaully finish, I had the beef wellington was like butter wrapped in a pastry puff yumyumyum so tender and the decor blew me away my husband had the ossbucco and I have to agree with him it was the best we ever tasted. This place reminds me of a gem we found years ago in SONO called cafe milano same zest with the cozyness the excellent service and the outstanding food, its ashame that it takes so long to find places like this.

                    2. Geppi's on Grand Ave. in New Haven...GREAT OSSO BUCO!!!

                      1. Pasquale's in Norwalk 9although it's been a while snce I've been there; so hopefully, the food quality hasn't declined)
                        Quattro Pazzi in Norwalk
                        Positano's in Westport

                        1. ferrante in stamford has the best italian in fairfield county.
                          it's pricey. the braised lamb shank is the best i've ever had.

                          1. in Branford (New Haven County) - Pasta Cosi, Campania, and Assaggio. All are very good. Haven't had a bad meal in these restaurants.

                            1. We went to Biagio Osteria in Stratford for Christmas Eve. I'd heard nothing but raves here, so frankly I was ready to be disappointed; but the food and service were awesome.

                              We were a party of six, so the waiter recommended group appetizers chosen by the chef, and they were great. The fried calamari was done to perfection, succulent and tender; clams casino were the least spectacular selection, but still very good. We also had a meat, cheese and marinated mushroom plate - sort of an antipasto without the greens - and it was very tasty.

                              For entrees, I got the lobster ravioli in a tomato-lobster sauce, which were very good. I've been spoiled by Roseland Apizza, which makes lobster ravioli the size of a small floor tile served in a decadently creamy lobster sauce. Biagio's didn't make me forget Roseland's, but it did make me feel healthier eating the dish. Biagio's ravioli were nicely stuffed with lobster, no skimping at all, and were quite delicious in their own right. All in all, simple and delectable. The neice also got the lobster ravioli - her introduction to lobster, by the way - and raved about the dish.

                              The hubby got a tenderloin special stuffed with prosciutto and topped with a portobello; he said it was excellent, though the chef's medium-rare was a little more medium than the hubby prefers. Still, no real complaints and no leftovers. Brother-in-law got the osso buco and just about chewed on the bones -- loved it; he and my sis were like "We haven't been to a place this nice in ....." Sis got the tuna special in a puttanesca sauce and liked it a lot. Even the nephew liked his Spaghetti Versace - very upscale looking and tasty, said he.

                              We got desserts too, which we usually don't, and were not disappointed. My sister absolutely swooned over the lemoncello gelato. The hubby got the Mille Biagio, sort of a take on the napoleon, which was messy/difficult to eat, but worth it; crispy puff pastry layered with delicious cream and some powdered sugar made it simple but so, so good. We also got the tiramisu and white chocolate creme brulee, which were very good.

                              The prices were totally reasonable, in my opinion -- about $20 for most pasta dishes, but they are nice dishes with serious ingredients. I feel that you get what you pay for in most cases, and actually am used to paying more to dine out in a nice place. Biagio's was a really pleasant surprise, to which we will be returning often. Though Roseland will always be my number one, comparing Roseland and Biagio's is comparing apples and oranges, so I love each one for what it is.

                              And to all the posters whom I secretly doubted about Biagio's being that good -- I was wrong. I'm sorry.