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After Phantom Dinner....???

Hello- I am going to see the Phantom on a Sunday with my Mother and 2 sisters....we are wanting to have dinner after the show. We would like something within walking distance of the theater. I have heard about bistro 333 and Jack's not here...Just wondering if anyone can tell me about these places...good/bad?...we are looking for a nice place...good food...reasonable prices...wide variety on the menu to please all going...not loud!!....any suggestions are Welcome!
Thanks very much!!

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  1. Which theatre is Phantom at?

    1. The Princess of Wales....Thanks!!!

      1. Unfortunately, the entertainment district is something of a wasteland for really good restaurants. Most of the restaurants along King are mediocre and overpriced. But having said that, if your family isn't made up of ultra fussy chowhounds, Fred's Not Here (which I assume you were referring to) is a decent choice. The menu is huge, with something likely to please each person.

        Let us know if you're willing to go a bit further afield -- say a 15 minute walk or a short cab ride. Your options will open up greatly. And let us know if there any particular cuisines you like or want to avoid (italian, japanese, thai, indian, french, etc.).

        1. You don't indicate price range.

          If you like Italian, try La Fenice. I'm not sure how late they are open on Sunday night, but it is really just a five minute walk from that theatre. The food is quite good. Nothing pretentious, just properly cooked Italian. Price range $11 apps., $18 pastas, $18-$30 mains. The room is also quite comfortable, though the interior design needs updating. (I think they don't want to change it out of respect to the original owner/chef who passed away a few years ago. His original paintings are on the walls.) http://www.lafenice.ca/home.html

          1. Thanks....We really don't want to walk to far....if the weather is poor and we will be in "non-walking shoes" -lol!...I think we are looking for a wide variety on the menu...again good prices...and atmosphere....Do you know anything about Bistro 333?...menu looks good...but can't find a review...and yes it's Fred's not here...sorry!...you think a little over priced?...seemed that way to me too...but I'm not from T.O so I have NOOO Idea what we should expect to pay for a good dinner...KWIM?...Pasta is an option, but only one of the 4 of us are really "into" pasta...so going to a pasta house isnt really our first choice...any other suggestions??

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              I wouldn't call La Fenice a "pasta house". This is not Olive Garden or Yee Olde Spaghetti Factory. They have an excellent selection of meats and fish. Menu is on their site.

              You'll probably like Fred's Not Here better.

            2. don't write of La Fenice as a pasta-house. their fish and meat are excellent and their apps (99% non pasta) are good too. it's the best of the lot in that strip of restaurants.

              1. The food at Bistro333 is very mundane. There are better choices along that strip.

                1. Consider Red Tomato on King West. It can be a bit noisy as it's downstairs, but certainly meets all your other criteria. And IIRC on a Sunday they offer a 'Happy Hour' menu (you may have to ask for it, or sometimes it's on your table anyway) that offers around half of their regular items at 30% off (last time I checked). Lots of choice and portions are all appetizer sized, so you can try many things. And a MUST is the baked lobster soup.

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                    Just a note to the OP that the Red Tomato is directly downstairs from Fred's Not Here. It's a more casual, boisterous atmosphere. They are sister restaurants, so you could walk in, check out both menus and decide then what you're in the mood for.

                  2. Kings Garden for there great peking duck. It is just down east of the theatre.

                    1. I wish people would come back and tell us where they went. :(

                      1. We didn't go yet!!...I'm sorry you thought I took the advice an ran away!!...I'm an over organizer and I wanted to get opinions early...we are going next weekend...the 4th I think...the sunday for the afternoon show.
                        I'm leaning twards Bistro 333...also heard that milestones was good, but I'm not really lookin for a "chain"...something a little different...KWIM?...we are from out of town and NEVER come to T.O...so lookin for a T.O kind of place...just good food....quite...MUST have allot on the menu to please all...and CLOSE to the theater!!...and moderate $$ 10-30 for a main meal...any more suggestions?...or should I just go with Bistro 333?

                        1. You will probably have to change your criteria and look further afield to find "a T.O. kind of place". For the most part, that stretch of King West is considered to be a tourist /bridge-and-tunnel strip. Most people I know who dine out on a regular basis avoid the area for that very reason, which is not to say you won't find a decent meal there. Just don't expect the world.

                          1. there's something called 'great night out' right now that seems to have 2 for 1 mains at selected entertainment district restaurants.