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Feb 18, 2007 07:10 AM

Best on Lincoln Road and South Beach?

Hi there: My husband and I are going to Miami for our one year anniversary (as we were married in FL one year ago). what restaurant do you think has the best food on Lincoln road and is in a good part of the scene to people watch there? also, would like a romantic restaurant in south beach, as well. we have been to casa tua a few times, I want that atmosphere--or something romantic like that (candles, possibly outdoor seating), but with less attitude and superior food. any ideas? thanks!

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  1. Lincoln Road has some decent casual places but is somewhat lacking in the romantic dinner department. Probably the closest to fit the bill is Pacific Time which I don't completely love, partly b/c they haven't changed 95% of the menu for about 10 years and I'm just tired of it. I have not tried the new Italian place, Quattro Gastronomia.

    1. Hate to recommend it, but quattro is probably the best bet for what you are looking for.

      1. why do you hate to recommend quattro?

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          read the title wrong. Thought I was limited to lincoln road only :). Quattro is in the good but not worth it category. Either alta mar or pacific time (have not been in a while to either now though) probably has the best food on lincoln, but neither place is as nice or would be considered as romantic as quattro.

          Off of lincoln rd, you could try Evolution - some things missed, but hits were eggplant app, scallops and shrimp app, duck main, veal main and chicken main were all great.

          Looking forward to trying table 8 mentioned below but have not yet...

        2. Table 8 for the second/romantic dinner.

          1. Do you all like it better than Wish? Better atmosphere? table 8 website does not show pictures.