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Feb 18, 2007 06:49 AM

Brooklyn Chowhound needs places to eat in LA

Will be in LA with my husband (who is there for business) and my 2 kids, age 6 and 3. They are both good in restaurants and are adventurous eaters, so i am looking for places to go with them during the day - and also places to go with my husband at night while grandma babysits. thanks for any tips!

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  1. It would help to know which part of LA you will be in. Also, how far are you willing to drive, are there particular types of food you would like to try (or avoid), and what are your price points? Do you want cheap eats, expensive splurges, or a mix?

    1. As with many other visiting Chowhounders, "visiting and needing places to eat in LA," is a very vague notion in a cluster of towns that can mean from the north end of the San Fernando Valley, to as far east as the San Gabriel Mountains, as far south as parts of Orange County, and of course to the Pacific Ocean to the west. Where are you staying, how far are you willing to go, any preferences, $, $$, $$$, and what you don't want to try, e.g., "don't want any pizza recs because pizza joints are a dime-a-dozen in Brooklyn" would help too. We LA Chowdogs love giving rec's but without a little framework, you will have a list that will end up looking like the NYC phone directory... Hope you get a dose of good weather during your visit - you folks back east deserve it.

      1. Until you get back to us with any geographic restrictions, here's a recent thread with "kid-friendly" restaurants around LA to get you started. (Although there are some CPK and Cheesecake Reccs, there are many good ethnic restaurant suggestions in the thread as well). Personally, I can endorse the Fairfax Farmer's Market as a good place to go with kids. Many decent dining options and much to keep the kiddies occupied.

        1. Also, some info as the range of your young'ns' "adventurousness" wouldn't hurt. Do they eat sushi? OCTOPUS sushi? Tripe? Liver? NATTO?!? (can't do that last one, myself, though there are apparently folks, including kids, who love it...) Little pickled dried Korean fish with little eyes you can see? Thai curry? Thai JUNGLE curry? If you get a chicken or duck in a Chinese restaurant, and they leave the head on the plate, will the presence of the head make the kids go "oooh YUK!!!!!" and flee the meal?

          details, and we can help!

          1. You're right - It's like when people come to the NY board and ask for a NYC recommendation, it's definitely hard to narrow it down! My apologies... we are staying in Venice, and will mostly be in the West LA and Hollywood W. Hollywood areas, though we are heading to Studio City one day to visit old friends


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              And the budget requirements would be?

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                Joes in Venice is fantastic for you and hubby (no kids).

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                  Try NOOK BISTRO in Santa Monica for lunch - the kids will love the brownie cup dessert.

                  For dinner sans kids, I'd recommend MONTE ALBAN for Mexican. Also check out JOE'S in Venice for Cal-cuisine.

                  Monte Alban
                  11927 Santa Monica Blvd
                  (310) 444-7736