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Feb 18, 2007 06:15 AM

The bar at Cuchi Cuchi - what fun!

A rare night out with my wife found us at Cuchi Cuhci's bar between Central and Kendall squares. What a great place! The atmosphere (three enormous stained glass pieces over the bar, gorgeous blown glass lamps affixed to the long bar, hostesses dolled up in flapper-era glory) was steeped in the sensual. The cocktails were as well. We enjoyed the classic Pegu Club and Mai Tai, the latter which was divine. Small plate dining highlights included the Cuban Cigar (beef short ribs wrapped in dough with black bean salsa), sizzling garlic shrimp and a deep fried zucchini atop a sweet sauce that hinted at mole/chocolate, but with the consistency of a balsamic sauce. The place was crowded and loud, which added to the feel that this was a "happening" place.

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