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Feb 18, 2007 05:48 AM

Recommendations for St. Louis!

My wife and I will be in St. Louis the end of March and I am looking for recommendations for romantic and intimate dining spots in St. Louis, preferably in the downtown area!
Thanks for any help that you can give!

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  1. I think you have to be patient with recs for St. Louis. Most of the town is recovering from the Mardi Gras celebrations in Soulard yesterday.

    1. An American Place in the Renaissance Grand Hotel is quite beautiful and would definitely fit the bill for intimate and romantic. It's also pretty pricey, IMHO. Larry Forgione is the chef and uses a lot of local products.

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        he's the owner, and he has something to do with the food for sure, but the day to day chef is a guy from New Orleans that was displaced by Katrina. I don't recall his name.

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          Is it OK to chime in with my name? Josh Galliano and thanks for the support. As for other recommendations, you should consider Sidney Street Cafe as Kevin Nashan's food is stellar. It is down the street from Niche, so if you could always maneuver savory at one and sweet at the other.

      2. The usual suspects.

        An American Place was already mentioned.

        Tony's. Really expensive but really over the top service, i had to fight the water pourer to get a drink of water, he kept refilling it. Good food and good wine selection, but you are really paying for the service and the flash.

        I would think Niche would be wonderful for an intimate dinner. Or King Louie, or Eleven Eleven, although people have said they have gone downhill. They are not really in downtown. Don't go to Laclede's Landing, the restaurants are OK, but

        1. Not really in downtown, but Niche, in Benton Park, was very good. Maybe Kemoll's would be decent downtown, though I have not been there myself. Tony's on Market is the swank, old-school joint downtown.

          1. I've recently had a good meal at the tapas place, Mosaic, on Washington. Also Copia on Washington is pretty good.