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Shawarma without chicken skin in TO ?

I love kebabs, donair and shawarma, in all their incarnations ! But what has disappointed me in Toronto is that the places I've tried make their shawarma without first removing the chicken's skin; so that one has mixed into the delicious chicken meat the unappetizing oily, fibrous pieces of skin. Am I wrong in thinking this is not the norm, and that the skin should be removed first ? Anywhere in TO which offers "skinless" shawarma ? Thanks !

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  1. Farhat's at 2020 Lawrence Ave. East. 2 for $5.99, always very good and always a lineup.

    1. I agree with squingy about Farhat.
      I must say I've never seen a shawarma in TO with any chicken skin. Where did you get yours?
      I've posted about this place before, but try Babos Donerpoint, a Turkish spot at Eglinton W. at Caledonia. Excellent chicken and beef shawarmas (doners) in a very thin pita-like wrap. Huge, too.

      1. There are no less than 4 places advertising schawarma near church and wellesley but the only authentic one is a la turque, where I have enjoyed many a skin-free schawarma for $4.75

        1. I've never had chicken shwarma with skin...the Jerusalem on Eglinton definetely serves it without skin

          1. I've also never had skin on my shwarma in Toronto. I'm a fan of Red and White on Yonge between College and Wellesly on the east side of the street.

            1. I've also never had a skin-on shwarma. I like the shwarma at Akram's (perhaps mostly because it is very convenient for me to get to) in Kensington. It's around $2.50.

              1. most if not all places i have eaten @ for shawarma don't serve their shawarma with skin (and that is alot places i go to, i eat the stuff almost 1-2x a week)

                yet they (most places) do use chicken skin/fat to flavor their shawarma by placing layers of it on top of the shawarma and allowing the juices to drip down along the meat (also common is an apple and onions) but they never serve you that and if they do i would complain to the server.

                1. Armenian kitchen has the best Shawarma in town. the chicken is tender and cooked properly/consistently. I used to only go to farhat until I found "The Kitchen"

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                    I also like the tomatoes and garlic sauce (NOT mayo based) that they put on theirs, no pink pickles, assuming it's still the same it's been a while.

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                      I have to agree with the majority of the panel Never had skin included. Stop going where ever you are and try ANY other place!!!

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                        Are they charging more for skin included hehe