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Feb 18, 2007 05:27 AM

Shawarma without chicken skin in TO ?

I love kebabs, donair and shawarma, in all their incarnations ! But what has disappointed me in Toronto is that the places I've tried make their shawarma without first removing the chicken's skin; so that one has mixed into the delicious chicken meat the unappetizing oily, fibrous pieces of skin. Am I wrong in thinking this is not the norm, and that the skin should be removed first ? Anywhere in TO which offers "skinless" shawarma ? Thanks !

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  1. Farhat's at 2020 Lawrence Ave. East. 2 for $5.99, always very good and always a lineup.

    1. I agree with squingy about Farhat.
      I must say I've never seen a shawarma in TO with any chicken skin. Where did you get yours?
      I've posted about this place before, but try Babos Donerpoint, a Turkish spot at Eglinton W. at Caledonia. Excellent chicken and beef shawarmas (doners) in a very thin pita-like wrap. Huge, too.

      1. There are no less than 4 places advertising schawarma near church and wellesley but the only authentic one is a la turque, where I have enjoyed many a skin-free schawarma for $4.75

        1. I've never had chicken shwarma with skin...the Jerusalem on Eglinton definetely serves it without skin

          1. I've also never had skin on my shwarma in Toronto. I'm a fan of Red and White on Yonge between College and Wellesly on the east side of the street.