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Feb 18, 2007 05:05 AM

Sunday Brunch in Baltimore City

I would like to know where you recommend for Sunday Brunch in Baltimore City? Taking into consideration one of the following.
* "We have kids"
* "We want upscale"
* "We want a buffet"
* "We want to eat late"

Would love to hear your responses.

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  1. It's not what most people typically think of when they think of Sunday brunch, but Mehek in Fells Point has a lovely Indian buffet serving until 2:30 or 3PM. Piping hot naan is brought right to your table fresh from the oven.

    1. Hull St. Blues near Ft. McHenry

      1. Ya know, I took the wife and 2 year old to Pisces for brunch a few months ago. Not a place I would recommend for dinner, but I have to say the brunch was very good.

        Upscale? check
        Interesting seafood theme? check
        Spectacular view? check
        kids? Well, check! Ours was a little fussy at times but not disruptive. Servers were congenial and considerate- high chair arrived right away, there may have been crayons but I can't remember now. There's a piano player in the lounge that made for a useful retreat when that prolonged at-table ennui set in.

        But it is popular, and rezzies are very much required. Preferably a few days in advance.

        1. I haven't been there...but I've heard great things about JOey Chuis at Greenspring station........I've heard its not just chinese.....that they have omelettes, American style breakfast foods...even Lox & bagels!. If anyone else has been there, maybe you could confirm this.

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            I'm on the hunt for a great brunch place, myself.

            City Cafe in Mount Vernon has a la carte brunch fare. Standard stuff like eggs bennie several ways, waffles, omelettes. No buffet, great bloodies and mimosas. Also, you can get espresso coffees.

            Mughal Garden, also in Mount Vernon has an Indian buffet for brunch. I've heard great things about it, but haven't been.

            The Rusty Scupper has a large buffet, jazz brunch. Went there for my birthday and the waitress kept the mimosas flowing (it was included in the price). I'd rate the quality of the food a 6 or a 7 out of 10. They have an omelette station, carving station (though they only seem to do one or two roasts and that's it--if you get there late, there's very little meat left), salads, hot and cold pastas, hot chicken dishes, hot seafood dishes, a cold seafood station, a bread station, a dessert station, as well as standard breakfast fare like bacon, sausage, eggs. Between the bass player strumming out a cool beat and the water view, it's a pretty decent way to start a Sunday morning. I wish the quality was a bit better and they had rare roast beef left for the folks who like to sleep in.

            The best brunch--and type of brunch I am looking for in Baltimore--I've ever had was at the Signature Room in Chicago. Their cold seafood station included raw oysters, plump, succulent shrimp, mussels, smoked salmon, and they had a dizzying amount of food options. Anyone know of anything even remotely similar to this in the area? Has anyone been to Della Notte's jazz brunch?

            I like a variety of options for brunch, (i,.e. I want a great salad as well as traditional Belgian waffles) but quality is most important to me. If anyone knows of a place that fits the bill, I would be grateful indeed to hear about it.

            1. re: venera

              Della Note was Horrible the one time I went about 5 months ago.

              1. re: theflytyr

                Thanks, flytyr. What specifically did you find so awful? The food? The service? I hunger for the details! LOL

                many thanks,

              2. re: venera

                Gertrude's at the BMA. Serves both great salads and the traditional breakfast items. Last fall I got the seafood salad and it came topped with about a cup of crab, shrimp, and scallops.

                Miss Shirley's. Got the stuffed french toast there and loved it. There is a recent post about this restaurant on the board.

                Little Havana. Food isn't the greatest (it's their normal menu), but the unlimited mimosa's and the outdoor patio make up for it. (Definately a spring/summer spot).

                Bay Cafe. They do serve a brunch buffet of your basic breakfast items. Food isn't that good, I would suggest ordering of the menu instead. Like Little Havana the neverending mimosa's and waterfront outdoor seating make this a good spring/summer place.

                Midtown Yacht Club. Haven't eaten there, but I've heard rumors that they have a fairly decent buffet for brunch.

                1. re: viperlush

                  Forgot about Midtown!

                  Their spread is rather small, but it's comfort food to the max. Biscuits 'n sausage gravy, huge hunks of roast beast, and lots of high-calorie, high-fat food perfect for nursing that hangover. :)

                  It's been years since I've been, but oh, that Midtown brunch. Thanks for the reminder!

                2. re: venera

                  Doesn't the Admiral Fell Inn have a tremendous brunch buffet with seafood and such, anyone?

              3. Pisces (which I have never been to) at the Hyatt Inner Harbor has I think that type of brunch buffet on sunday: