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Feb 18, 2007 04:27 AM

A great Saturday, thanks to Chowhound

As visitors new to New York and to Chowhound we were pleased with our eating experiences yesterday. Satarted at Balthazar for breakfast (sticky bun and quiche) fun watching them get ready for the day. Lunch at Katz (after a great tour at the Tenement Museum).Thanks to the guidance from Chowhound we flelt like pros tipping the cutter and ordering a shared pastrami sandwich, as other tourists around us asked : whats this ticket for.

After taking part in a wonderful Municipal Art Society Tour of Washingtons NY, we finished the day eating burgers in the middle of the action at the Spotted Pig (about a 40 minute wait with lots to watch ). Finished with tasty ginger cake.

I wonder what we will do today.

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  1. i know well that there's room for nothing else after you've had a sandwich from katz's, but i really hope you stopped at il laboratorio di gelato across the street from the tenement museum. their gelato flavors are perfect.

    welcome to chowhound--it's great. thanks for reporting back!