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Beverly Hills Business Dinner

Where can I go in BH for a good business dinner. I'm looking for service, atmosphere (not too loud, attractive clientelle), good menu and wine list, won't max out my expense account, possible star sighting.

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  1. There is always the Polo Lounge at the Pink Palace (also known as the Beverly Hills Hotel) on Sunset Blvd.

    1. There's Enoteca Drago. Can't comment on star sightings but the food, service and atmosphere work, also not too pricey. Check out their website for photos and menu

      1. Your best bet for celeb sitings would be The Ivy on Robertson, but it's expensive and the food overrated, in my opinion. Slightly east of there, you might consider Locanda Veneta or Chaya Brasserie near Cedars Sinai.

        Obviously, there's Spago, too, but it's definitely expensive. It depends how big your expense account is. The Grill on the Alley is good American fare and meets your criteria, but it also can be expensive.

        Enoteca Drago meets all your criteria, but celebs. I've never seen one there. However, service can be dodgy.

        1. I second the Polo Lounge... first rate with alot of style. The whole experience is very BH. The storied location, historic architecture, the interior decor, the food, the service, and the clientelle (but can tend to be on the older side if that's an issue). I've only been twice, but was very pleased and practically everyone in there looks like a star - or at least wants to be. Don't know if the bill will KO your expense account, though.

          1. The patio at Orso is very pretty and I always see big time celebrities there (Clint Eastwood, Jennifer Aniston, etc.). Prices are more reasonable than a lot of other places, and quite good too. I think it might be in an L.A. zip code if that matters, but it's practically in BH.

            1. Give Maestro's Steakhouse on Canon a try. I know a lot who entertain business clients there. I think that any decent restaurant in BH might put a dent in the expense account. What is your per person target?

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                Thanks for the comments. I'd like to stay under $200 for 2 people.

              2. I had lunch at The Blvd at the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel a few months ago and saw John Malkovich and Michael Eisner; another time for drinks I saw Ryan Seacrest (whether or not that's a celebrity, wel...). Good space for business dinner (looked like Eisner was holding court), but while the food for lunch was good, the dinner was horrible. HOWEVER, I hear they have a new chef in the house, from Cafe del Rey, and maybe things are looking up. Cut on the other side of the hotel definitely has more celebs and better food, but prices aren't as high at The Blvd. You could have dinner at The Blvd, drinks at Sidebar across from Cut.

                1. Thanks for the ideas. Ended up defaulting to Houstons in the Century City mall. I know Houstons seems rather pedestrian, but the baby back ribs are great, I had the rare ahi tuna, and my client had the prime rib. Finished things off with a brownie (no nuts) and vanilla ice cream. Can't say I saw any celebrities there, but the waitress showed us a picture of her Beagle and the lemon drop was great. Best of all, I stayed under $200, including 3 glasses of wine and 2 beers.

                  1. I'd suggest Ago, purely on food and atmosphere...can't comment on the price though as I've luckily never had to pay there (business, people, business).