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Feb 18, 2007 03:29 AM

Flavored cream cheese in La ?

Does anyone know ware i can find some good flavored cream cheese. I live in west la and I'm looking for something other than your typical kosher spread.
like sun dried tomato? or bacon ?........or whatever else may exist.

thanks !

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  1. I've never been a fan of the flavored cream cheese, but maybe because I've never had a good one... When I want some great bagles, I head to the Bagle Factory on Sepulveda and National. Their bagles, bialys, nutrition bars, and soups are great, and everything is Kosher. They do have flavored cream cheeses, but I think they only have a few flavors, and I doubt if they would have bacon, if you catch my drift. If you've never been here, I would suggest you give it a try, as they were the first bagel store in the Westside that I was aware of. They were serving the local Jewish community before bagels became a food trend...

    1. If you can find a Noah's bagel shop, or a Western bagel shop, they'll have flavored chream cheeses there. I prefer Noah's. These are, of course, chains, but Great Western is at least a local factory.

      1. There's a Noah's on San Vicente and Montana in Brentwood, they'd have a variety of cream cheeses.

        There is (or at least, was!) also one on Pico and Beverwil (in the same complex as Ralph's).

        1. The important part of the "Noah's" name is the "NO." As in don't bother. Their term "shmear" seems like cover for loading up the product with carageenan, guar gum, and other binding agents to help mask the inferiority of their composition. This is reminiscent of how McDonald's sells "SHAKES" rather than milkshakes (b/c there's not any, um, MILK, in the mix...).

          Go directly to New York Bagel Company - on San Vicente in the same strip mall as Frontrunners.

          They make a jalapeno cream cheese that consists of diced fresh jalapeno peppers and good whipped cream cheese. It is a perfect melding of creamy and palate-rousing fresh green heat.

          They also make a good chive and smoked salmon version, but it's really all about the jalapeno, seriously.

          While you're there, get some of their amazing flat bagels. Flat everything is my fave. Have them sliced there, so you can toast them at home (without worrying about cutting yourself on the oddly shaped gems).

          1. I know I will probably get reamed here...but I have to say that I really like the hazelnut cream cheese from Panera. It is indulgent, very dessert-ish. Spreads well.

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              I know there are alot of anti-chain types on this board, and even I've been wrongly accused of this because of my disdain for Pinkberry, but may I reiterate: I don't care if it's a mom&pop, or a global conglom - if the product or service that they are pushing is good, if they respect the customer, and they are a relatively good citizen in the community, I'm all for them. If Panera has a product that kicks bootie, more power to them. RUN with it, Piggie...