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Need ideas for post-break up distraction cooking...AKA my day tomorrow

Tomorrow I plan on breaking up with my boyfriend and, needless to say, I will need a distraction for afterwards. I couldn't think of a better way to soothe my broken heart than by making myself an amazing meal (accompanied by copious amounts of wine). I am very passionate about cooking and good food so I thought that this would raise my spirits!

Does anyone have any ideas for a meal that would be appropriate under these circumstances? I am relatively new to cooking but am always up for a challenge.

Creative Appetizers, Main Courses, Sides, Desserts? I am not picky at all, I just want to make something fun and delicious. I would greatly appreciate any recipes that you have!! Thank you so much..

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  1. If it's going to break your heart, why are you doing it?

    Anyway, I would make lasagne.

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      A good mark of maturity is knowing that someone is not right for you, no matter how much you may love them. Plus, hurting someone is never fun, even if for the right reasons.

    2. I would say osso bucco followed up by some Tiramisu...plenty of time to drink that vino and savor the deelish smells. Good luck!

      1. A nice risotto might work. While you're doing all of the stirring, you can be recounting the reasons the relationship didn't work, and reaffirming your decision. Plus, you can stir with one hand and drink with the other!

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          Totally agree with the risotto. I had a similar experience, and standing there with wine in one hand while stirring this amazing smelling food that would become my dinner did me a world of good.

          Good luck gourmetgal1.

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            I totally agree with the risotto idea -- all of the chopping and stirring is very soothing for me. I'd also add an indulgent chocolate dessert, like cake or brownies. I made Nigella's Dense Chocolate Loaf cake last week, and it's amazing, I'd be happy to paraphrase the recipe if you like.

          2. Post-breakup meals should contain two food groups: carby and creamy.

            I say you need to knead something. Make bread.

            You could also make ravioli, gnocchi or Asian dumplings - all are fairly time-consuming and you need to focus on what you're doing.

            For dessert, if you have an ice cream maker, use it. If not, maybe zabaglione or flan? Even better if you can add some chocolate in there.

            1. For a broken heart, comfort food is the way to go. That depends on your idea of comfort food, but I always think ice cream is a good way to go.

              Here's a strange one, though. Not exactly what you were asking, but I discovered that the last three times I broke up with people (that is, when I did the breaking up), our last dinner together had been Korean food. It wasn't planned this way, and it's not like I eat Korean out very often (not even once a month). I can't explain that, but I'm married now and I admit that I do get a little nervous whenever I crave Korean food.

              1. Break up's are never easy, so, I would go with something dense and heavy (maybe like the BF and the reason for this whole thing)
                A nice thick ribeye, easily fixed with time for the vino. Maybe some nice garlic mashed potatos for that comfort touch. I found out yesterday just how nice chocolate and white zinfandel go together. A brownie sundae, or old fashioned chocolate cake.
                Meat, potatos and chocolate, a great start to a new life! Good Luck!!!

                1. well, since you have the advance warning, why not try the Mancatcher Brownies (sorry about the name, probably inappropriate under the circumstances). They are better the next day anyway, so they'll be waiting for you when you need em.

                  1. I like the idea of a braise and a risotto. the braising will give a beautiful aroma in the house to focus on and then the risotto will give you something to do with your hands as dinner approaches. Plus both can use wine so the theory of a glass in the pot and a glass in the mouth can hold true.

                    Dessert is the most important part. It MUST be chocolate. Nothing represnts closure better than chocolate cake. Throw some cool whip or whipped cream on it for good measure.

                    BTW - sounds like a good menu. i may do today as well.

                    Have courage Double-G. According to your handle you are Number 1.

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                      Jfood's suggestions are dead on. I think maybe a molten chocolate cake warm with vanilla ice cream. Sorry that you have to go thru this, gourmetgal!

                    2. We've all been there, Sweetie. Trying different variations of hot fudge sauce got me through the early weeks of my (long ago) divorce.My favorite was from the Maida Heatter cookbook. I also agree with piccola, knead bread and make it something you like. then, when it's baked and still warm get some good butter and eat it all yourself!

                      1. "When in doubt, roast a chicken."
                        Barbara Kafka

                        If you can get a hold of her book called "Roasting", there is an excellent recipe in there. Whatever you do, be sure to pour yourself a glass of the best of whatever you can afford to drink while you're cooking and play some music you loved listening to before you met your boyfriend....

                        1. Chocolate mousse, chocolate truffles, chocolate brownies, chocolate chip cookies (make some with white chocolate and macadamia nuts- yum).

                          If you have some great girlfriends, set up time for High Tea perhaps with a manicure and pedicure before or after. It can be done inexpensively at home (just put together all the gear) in a slumber party format.

                          Just don't break up in your favorite resturant- go to a place you can live without or hate:). One of my breakups kept me out of a favorite Japanese place for years. Just couldn't bear to go there without remembering my ex.

                          Speaking as a 49 year old woman who seems to manage to be dateless on Valentine's day most of her adult life (what is that ALL about?), I have learned all sorts of cooking techniques to "wash that man out of my hair."

                          1. Italian food. Definitely carbs and creamy. and a nice box of chocolates...caramels no nuts.

                            1. An indulgently delicious pasta - I'm thinking linguine or fettuccine - with a killer cream sauce. Maybe with some gorgonzola or shrimp or scallops (either/or, not both). Dessert should definitely be chocolate. Molten chocolate cake or chocolate creme brulee would work. On the side, some really good berries dipped in dark chocolate (if you can find good berries, otherwise skip). As an appetizer, I'd suggest decent caviar with all the trimmings.

                              This is an opportunity to wallow in excess. You have done a brave and difficult thing - you deserve sustenance and comfort.

                              1. i would start my making a loaf of bread. roast a head of garlic and enjoy with the bread while preparing the main course.

                                roast some beets. make a salad of the beets, watercress, endive, pear, and walnuts. have it with a simple fettucine , made with fresh egg pasta (the expensive kind) in an alfredo sauce of butter, cream, parmesan, nutmeg, and pepper.

                                for dessert, a mexican sundae: vanilla ice cream with hot fudge, caramel, and spanish peanuts.

                                good luck gourmetgal and let us know what you decide.

                                1. I'm with the risotto and wine crowd.... and after, a quart of Starbucks Mocha Java ice cream and a spoon in front of a movie..

                                  1. definitely the bread baking... then when it's done, grilled cheese... to me, that's comfort food.

                                    chop veggies and make ratatouille.

                                    make tomato soup from scratch.

                                    make a batch of vanilla ice cream and homemade hot fudge (maida's) and finish it all off with a nice hot fudge ice cream sundae and "The Apprentice" to reinforce that that man is "fired."

                                    1. Wow! Now I really want to break up with someone! I agree that you can't do better than the three Cs: carbs, cream and chocolate. There's an insane recipe from chowhound Joe H. for a gorgonzola dolce risotto that might do the trick ... sourcing the ingredients and following the recipe (exactly!) will keep you to occupied to brood!


                                      1. I am with the stirring and drinking crowd but instead I'd do polenta. Nice creamy polenta for your comfort dinner and crispy polenta appetizers/entree for the night after giving you something to look forward to, a new beginning.

                                        1. Thank you so much for all of the suggestions!! They really helped me through my day yesterday. I definetaly agree with the stirring and drinking crowd but I have never made risotto or polenta so I stuck to basics and made a delicious pasta (farfalle with sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, basil, brocolli, goat cheese, garlic, red onion, proscuitto..I make a sauce by scraping the pan and getting the leftover bits of onion and garlic, adding chicken stock, olive oil, balsamic adn red pepper flakes) which I enjoyed with a great bottle of red wine (oops, I drank the whole thing!) and the most decadent, chocolatey (not a word, I know) brownies you have ever tasted!! Thank you all so much for the ideas!

                                          1. For the moment, forget cooking and washing dishes. I think pepperoni pizza can cure a lot of ills. Go to movies, lots of movies -- they are really distracting and your mind needs a rest.

                                            1. On Happy Days, Mrs. Cunningham said that heartbreak calls for eating huge spoonfuls, and sometimes entire jars, of peanut butter. When the urge to cook passes, remember to keep this around!

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                                                yes! a few years ago, my best friend and I went through breakups in the same weekend (what are the odds?) and we consoled ourselves by buying jars of the following - peanut butter, caramel topping for ice cream sundaes, marshmallow fluff, and nutella. spoons, jars, and hours of girl talk... it's become one of my fondest memories!

                                              2. Don't you wish you knew what Mr. Breakup ate/drank to console himself? Do guys even turn to food at all?

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                                                1. Frozen pizza and a bottle of whiskey. Throw away the top to the whiskey bottle and save the pizza for another time.

                                                  1. My last break up I baked all day then ordered in for dins nad ate lots of my baking for dessert. With lots of wine. WOrked for me.

                                                    1. Hi gourmetgal1, I hope it's getting better now that a bit more time has passed. I just broke up with my bf, and for me, I am so happy and so relieved, I'm going to run out and eat everywhere! Looking back brings me down, looking forward makes me very happy!
                                                      The best is yet to come. Really!

                                                      1. Are you me, gourmetgal? I broke up with my BF on the very same day. Heartbreaking as it was, I know it was the right thing, I'm glad people also think it's the right thing to treat myself to lots of yummy comfort foods right now, because I need all the sustenance I can get! Good luck to you. We are brave and we have so much ahead of us!